Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Last Thursday I got together with some friends to have a sewing day. I dragged out all my unfinished bags and took them along with me.

The one I decided to finish off has been under the spare bed, in my knitting drawer, for oooh..2 years maybe? In fact I had totally forgotten that I had even started it, and only found it when I was looking for sock yarn lol

Anyway, it is a knitted bag, and the knitting part was all done, it just needed a lining.

This is the book that the pattern is from...

The pattern is called The Toggle Bag, and is done in Aran weight.

Here is how it turned out..

and the lining..

The rest of the girls made water bottle carriers as they are off on holiday soon. They were using this nifty little pattern.. and I just had to have a go.

Here is my finished water bag..

I love how it turned out..

I am in the process of finishing off another bag, which is driving me crazy and is by far the worst pattern I have ever tackled...


  1. Now that is PURE talent -Making you own purses! Darcy is there any type of craft you can not Do?? Love em both:)

  2. Good thing the bottle bag keeps things cold u can keep ur penguin in it..

  3. That waterbottle carry is a great idea...you can use it to take your beer to the gym :D XXX

  4. Lovely knitted bag, the water bottle bag is cute although I am not sure if I would find it useful or not!

    Janet xx

  5. Both bags look GORGEOUS! The funky lining in your knitted bag looks great :)

  6. The lining is perfect for your bag. And the water carrier is totally cool.