Friday, 10 August 2012

Postcard Challenge

week 32 Malta..

I visited Malta back in 1995, when my son was just little. The week long trip consisted of trips around the main island and also a trip by ferry over to the neighbouring island of Gozo. To be perfectly honest it was a boring trip, the two islands can be done in a long weekend.  The highlight of my week was a horseriding trek with a very cute trek leader..ahem.

Here is a photo I took over in Gozo, as you can see my little boy was taking the same photo, with his first ever camera.

On the main island, there was a great market in the capital of Valletta, they sold huuuuuge jam doughnuts..17 yrs later and  I still have that hat and the stripey bag...

The craziest thing in Malta is the traffic, we rode around on these banged up old buses and there were no traffic lights , whoever reached the intersection first beeped their horn and didn't stop. This of course means, that if you reach an intersection and HEAR a horn you have to lurch to a stop. It was truly terrifying lol

As a memento, though how could I ever forget, I bought this little bus.

While wandering around I found a glass blower, and stood and watched in absolute amazement. I had to bring  apiece of the glass home.

There are beautiful pieces of silver to be found all over the island. these are the pieces that I bought.

do you remember the film of 'Popeye' starring Robin Williams (from 1980) well it was filmed on Malta. They built a real Popeye village as the set, and it is still there.  The island is also famed for its lace makers, that top photo is the one and only lacemaker that I saw all week. I guess they were all hiding, the other 2 photos are from Popeyes village.

So onto my card, because we have been to Popeyes village what else could I do ...but Popeye..

done with promarkers..

and my page..this is a quick sketch of the 'Silent City' otherwise known as Mdina. This used to be the capital of Malta, and is a totally walled city of only about 300 people. I have walked along these narrow little streets, and they are indeed 'silent' and more than just a little eerie.

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  1. Isn't it great to do a postcard on a place you know, great work. Cheers

  2. Nice card, the Mdina really is a bit scary. I still have several little vases and bottles from there, and a now very moth-eaten wool jacket hand knitted by island women, nearly 40 years ago!

  3. Lovely to read your memories. The Popeye postcard is great. Love the glass bottle.
    Jen x

  4. Super postcard - I was brought up on Popeye! Thanks for sharing your memories.

    Janet xx

  5. Thanks for sharing your memories, Darcy...I guess I romanticized those colorful buses! Loved your POPEYE card...especially since I now know the background!

    Enjoy your weekend...

  6. 17 years! Crikey.

    Still hate you for that bowl cut mother

  7. I love Popeye! Great card and fascinating information about the Islands. I've linked with a post for the past two weeks and will hopefully be back again with this weeks

  8. great information about the island, thanks for sharing your memories, never liked popeye lol.xx

  9. Back home after busy weekend away -
    Check out my blog for the Malta card
    Thank you for the nomination for my Denamark card!

  10. Cute card and love you page and sketch of the Silent City. Very cool that you have been there.