Friday, 17 August 2012

postcard challenge

week 33. South Africa..

wow this was a tough one this week, I really struggled.

I started out so well, with a list in fact of possibles. my first choice was ZP Theart, born in SA and he was the lead singer of a band called Dragonforce. He is drop dead gorgeous, and looks like a pirate. I went to  Dragonforce gig a couple years ago and he is even better in real I drew him, hated it and ripped it up.

next I thought of Steve Biko, the activist that was killed. But while looking for photos of him I got totally distracted and ending up listening to Peter Gabriel singing about Biko...I love that song....that led me onto watching youtube videos of other songs I hadn't heard in ages....

then I thought of Sid James, born in SA but best known as an actor here in England playing characters in the Carry On Films..

I googled and re-googled and finally came across penguins....who knew they were in SA????

I painted  background on my card first, and painted the exact same background on my page..

Its acrylic paint and gold mica flakes..

the I painted the SA flag over the background, I put the paint on thinly so that the background could be seen through..

and I painted the penguins over the card background..

I really like how they came out lol

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  1. Awesomely bad ass penguins!

  2. Hope I never meet up with those penguins, great card! Valerie

  3. Love the penguins, great background.
    Jen x

  4. Fantastic background and pingoos, I would probably have gone for Sid James...Carry On still Rulz!!! :D XXX

  5. great card. they dont look very friendly lol...

  6. Wonderful paintings. Penguins with attitude! Love it.

    Janet xx

  7. LOVE that background! The penguins are awesome!

  8. Love your penguins Darcy...I lovwe them the way you love pigs!! But they're sooo stinky!! THey share a beach with people in S.A. when they should have the beach to themselves...they REALLY smell!! :)

  9. Darcy nice penguins - Blog has been updated -
    OFF to see everyone's cards for this week