Thursday, 20 September 2012

Life book page

Here is another page made for my life book course..

For this lesson we were instructed on how to make some inspirational ATC sized bits..

First I cut my bases, I used corrugated card from an old box.

I then painted on several layers of paint, in different colours. I believe by this point there were 3 layers.

A couple more layers and some stencilling..

next we were to sand the paint back to reveal the layers, i found this didnt work so well and I ended up using rubbing alcohol.

Next I searched for images and words to add to them. After trying out a few different ideas I decided to go with butterflies..

and finally added the words.. also you can see I slipped them into a plastic page with  pockets, this will mean they are easier to add into the final book.


  1. Oow these are fantastic Darcy...really beautiful :D XXX

  2. Oh so very nice, Darcy. I'm in Life Book, too.