Friday 21 September 2012

postcard challenge

wk 38 Dubai...

This week was hard, I couldn't find much that interested me really. Apart from the shopping malls lol..

So I went easy and did this card depicting the oil business over there.

Then desperate to find something interesting I did more research and finally came across a poet...

She recently was given an award for being the most inspirational woman for her lifelong work in poetry and age 91...

Poet Ousha bint Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Suwaidi was born into a household that loved literature. As a youngster she had the opportunity to meet many poets and listen to their poetry. Ousha recited poetry by the age of 15 and quickly received recognition for her abilities within the poetry community; a huge achievement considering that poetry was primarily male dominated at that time.  Writing many poems in a short space of time, Ousha gained the nickname “Gulf Laureate Poet”. Keen to develop her talents, Ousha read classical poetry by Al Mutannabi, Abu Tammam and Al Ma’ari, alongside the work of local poets, including Al Majidi bin Thahir, Rashid Al Khalawi, Saleem bin Abdul Hai and Mohsin Hazzani. An inspiration to the women’s poetry movement in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, with Ousha’s encouragement, the poetic voice of women became strong and essential to the cultural scene across the Emirates. The Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan recognized her role in highlighting the local vocabulary and identity of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the UAE through her work. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai named Ousha the “Arab Laureate Poetess” following her participation in a series of poetry recitals with him. Many of her poems have become the basis of song lyrics sung by local artists. Through the songs, her words made a further contribution, highlighting the role of the feminine literary movement in local cultural projects. Her poetry has covered a variety of themes including love, wisdom, nostalgia, praise and patriotic feelings. Her poems are written in Classical Arabic, the most important of which was written in praise of the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him. Her vocabulary and style draws heavily on the environment in which she has lived, portraying intimate pictures of the local environment - land and sea, past and present.

I was totally intrigued and have spent 3 days searching for photos of her or copies of her poems, and nothing......seriously she has a load of books of poems and I couldnt find any.

So finally I had to give in and just print out a poem written in Arabic that I found on google images, I have no idea who wrote it. 

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  1. Darcy, your page of Arabic printing is very beautiful... very effective!!

  2. The Arabic script is beautiful! Valerie

  3. Beautiful page and the research so interesting. I knew nothing of her. Good postcard too.
    Jen x

  4. Well done you with all your research! So interesting to learn something new. Beautiful script and a great postcard.

    Janet xx

  5. Great job with that oil pump. love how that poem looks in Arabic and will go look up this poet you spoke of.

    thanks again Dear Darcy for all you do <3

  6. Really interesting oil sketch, love your background colours.
    How fascinating about the poet, she sounds so well accomplished and yet you've drawn a blank, makes you wonder...

  7. Amazing lady, love your card and page. Especially the colours you used for the page. A xx

  8. My favorite part of this challenge is the research. Very interesting that you found a poet. I'm wondering if I will find a portrait artist.....if I ever get to Dubai.

  9. It was hard this week. a great page and a good postcard.

  10. Great post, rather rushed this week, so well done to all the participants. Cheers