Monday, 3 September 2012

Sample book

When I buy new pencils,paints or markers I usually make a sample book or chart of the colours. I find that it really helps, as you really never can tell how something will look just from the bottle or barrel of the pencil. Some mediums also change quite dramatically once you add water .

So I have lots of sample books,charts and bits of paper all over the place with various colours on them. I decided it really was time to make a 'master' sample book with them all in one place.

I used one of these Moleskines, they come in packs of 3 and are available in black,tan,red and blue ... in the UK you can buy them HERE...

They are also the same ones that I used in the circle journal from previous posts. When painting on the pages I glue 2 pages together as they are a little thin, but for this sample book I used the pages as they are.

When making samples always use the paper or card that is appropriate for that particular paint/pencil/marker.

So for markers a smooth card, for watercolour pencils and aquamarkers use a watercolour paper for alcohol inks use a glossy photo paper etc.

This means cutting pieces of paper in whatever shape you like and gluing those into the book, you cannot colour directly to the pages, markers will bleed through and water activated mediums will cause the paper to fluff up and buckle.

Add the colour samples to the book with names of the colours..

i also added tabs at the side so that I can easily find each section..

I ended up with 30 sections and a very fat book.  I ran out of pages and had to add some more.

Here is a video flip through of the whole book. 


  1. this is the kind of thing I'd love to have but will never get round to! I bet it feels fab to hold, brilliant idea

  2. What a GREAT IDEA!!!!!! Love it :)

  3. Love the look of your sample book ;0)