Friday 26 October 2012

Postcard Challenge

wk 43 .. Finland...

Super quick one from me this week as I am really busy making samples for an upcoming demo for Letraset..

So Finland, I didn't get chance to do any research, however I knew that I wanted to do one of my favourite bands..

Nightwish... as they are from Finland..

Here they are..

and the really exciting bit is that I get to go see them live in 9 days!!!

So my page is the Finnish flag with Nightwish written across it..

and my card is based on one of their albums, with a scan of part of my ticket on it...

so,so excited, can't wait to see them. Though I am not keen on their current lead singer, but still it should be an awesome gig.

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  1. Enjoy the concert, Darcy. I'll have to look them up more on itunes!! Liked the sample...and liked how you used your ticket in your art!!

  2. Wow!!! Guess your feeling a bit better then? If not...this gig should lift your energy levels nucely :D XXX

  3. Enjoy your concert Darcy! Nothing like a good night out.

    Janet xx

  4. I've gone with a different Finnish group this week. Enjoy your concert. A xx

  5. Linky not there? My link

  6. Ok - link up here'age

    Love your card & fixN to listen the band

    seems music is in the Air this week ;-)

  7. My linky is on my blog:


  8. Do not know this band, enjoy the concert.
    Jen x

  9. sorry to hear you are not feeling well. hope you enjoy your concert.

  10. OMG my card is pretty darn cute!!!!!!!!