Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Mother's Day Card.

last week here in the uk it was Mother's Day. So I made this lil card for my Mum.

First I roughly added matte paint to some 160gsm card.

 Then using a darker blue I stencilled bubbles using the bumping method.

next I used a mix of the JoFy stamps..yeah i know I am addicted to them.. I coloured them with LETRASET AQUAMARKERS...

Instead of cutting around the image as a whole I decided to cut it out so that parts were outside the rectangle. I simply drew a light pencil line between the flowers to work out where to cut. 

I then attached the central image to my blank card which is just a bit bigger, so the cut out parts reach just to the edges. 

Finally I doodled around the edges,added some white highlights  and added the text. 

Products Used..click thru for links

Artiste paint

JoFy Stamps


  1. oh what a great idea, I love how you cut out round the flowers. a really gorgeous card, I bet your Mum loved it!! I may just have to remember (and borrow) this idea next time I need a card...!)

  2. Oh its beautiful Darcy!!! The colours look superb!!

  3. This is gorgeous Darcy.
    C xx

  4. It's absolutely gorgeous! x

  5. This is perfect timing for me - our Mother's Day is in May in Australia.
    Thank you :D

  6. ooo I love this idea of cutting out the image with some of the background it has made for a great effect and lovely card.