Monday, 27 May 2013

Guest Blogging for PaperArtsy (May Project 2)

Hi, I am back for day 2. How did you like the coasters yesterday? They are only a little project, quite quick and easy to make. Today's project is bigger, but so cute and really useful.

PaperArtsy sell a fabulous little product called TREASURE GOLD... little pots of scrumminess.
Treasure gold is a colour wax that you can use on just about everything, in the USA they have something similar called rub n buff...but I can assure you Treasure Gold is better than any of the other waxes out there. I bought my first pot over 10 yrs ago, I still have it, and have only used a tiny bit. It lasts forever.

over the years I have bought a few more colours and they were all jumbled in a drawer, so I decided to make some dedicated storage for them.

So my project today is Treasure gold storage..

Here is is made but empty..

and here it is full of wax, and brush cleaner and some polishing cloths. 

Please visit the PAPERARTSY BLOG.... and check out my blog post to find out how I made this storage box. Have a go at the techniques I used and link up over on the PaperArtsy blog and you could win a great prize. 

Come back tomorrow for project number 3.


  1. Running to see! This looks ace... x

  2. It looks beautiful. Heading over there now... x

  3. It's absolutely amazeballs Darcy! Love it. Michelle x

  4. WOW this looks amazing - off to PaperArtsy to have a look at the details

  5. This looks lovely. I've only just discovered Treasure Gold and now own four jars, so I'm sure I'll need special storage for it soon! Off to check out your post on the Paper Artsy blog now!