Monday, 10 June 2013

Feathered Friend

This month I have been playing with Aquamarkers. They are so easy to use, so easy to blend. This did not begin as a specific project I was really just having a play. 
I began with a quick sketch. 

I then added more details and outlined everything in Pebble Grey.

Then I just started to fill in sections.

...more filling in, with a little shading..

and then experimenting with layers and combinations. 

Some areas were layered while they were wet and other were left to dry before a second layer was added. 

Finally shadows were added and small details added with a fineliner. 

I used 140lbs watercolour paper which I would recommend. These pens are super juicy and they need to be used on a fairly heavy paper. Why don't you pull those Aquamarkers out and have a play. Be fearless and just go for it. 


  1. This is just stunning, I havent tried aquamarkers (yet!)

  2. Wonderful, love your step by step pics! Amazing Work!x

  3. Woah this is just awesome! You rocked out the Aquamarkers!

  4. Gorgeous, Darcy!! Such detail...

  5. I have to say I find peacocks stunning and your art work is no different Dxx

  6. This is stunning Darcy, absolutely fabulous!
    C xx

  7. I really like this, it's beautiful! There is so much detail.