Sunday 8 September 2013

Sentiment Panel

I am in love with the way this panel turned out, it could be used on its own or it could be used as a book cover.

I started with an A5 piece of SMOOTHY CARD... (I used the lighter weight)

 I then singed the edges.  You could of course, and far more safely just tear the card.

I then sprayed it with FRENCH ROAST...

Did you know that Fresco paints make AWESOME sprays???

Take a small spray bottle. (I buy mine in Sainsbury, I think they are about 79peach) Fill the bottle about halfway with water, and then add the paint. 

You add the water first, because if you add the paint first it will stick to the bottom of the spray bottle. Put the water in first and it will mix up much easier. 

How much paint you add is up to thick do you want the paint. Experiment!

Over the French roast I sprayed some Snowflake. 

I deliberately sprayed this close, so that it formed thick pools. These take longer to dry but because there is more paint you can take a heat gun to them and 'overheat' them, causing them to bubble up. 

I know, by now you are getting the idea that I like burning things!...but just look at the texture..

Next I sprayed with Butterscotch and Espresso Adirondack. 

I immediately wiped it back with a babywipe, this leaves the spray ink on the background but cleans it off the white bits. 

Now for stencilling. I used a piece of punchinella, with tiny ,tiny holes. through this I dabbed on some Irish Cream Fresco paint. 

I followed this with some stamping. I used Archival black and the cog background stamp from MY EDY02 SET...

Totally in love at this point..

Next I decided on the placement of the text and stencilled it into place. I used a uniball pen, then filled in with black paint.

Now to add some texture. I added GRUNGE PASTE... through a circle stencil , then I stamped into each circle with the cog background stamp. 

Once dry I painted each circle black, and then added TREASURE GOLD... in Onyxite and Ruby.

and so the background is finished..

I then stamped the key from EDY02 and the text heart from EDY01 onto some plain white cotton fabric. 
( using a black archival ink pad)

I coloured these with Fresco translucent paint. Once dry I cut them out and glued them to the background. 

finally I cut a piece of black mounting board, just a couple of millimetres bigger than the painted piece. I glued them together, then rubbed Treasure gold over the exposed black areas of the backing board. 

I just love how Treasure gold catches the light..

I added the treasure gold to the backing board with my finger, only lightly, and gradually building up thin layers of colours. I didn't want the colour to go completely flush with the burnt edges though. If you look carefully it almost touches them, but not quite. This gives an effective outline/shadow to the front piece, and so creates the illusion of depth. 

I hope you like it, bye for now...

Darcy x

P.S I set up a brand new blog dedicated to my new stamps. If you click on Miss. Fleur it will take you there. 

If you buy my stamps please email a photo of yourself holding them, I can then add that to the 'Rogue's Gallery' also if you make any projects let me see them with a link to your blog so that I can add those too. If you would like to be a follower that would be great too, that way you won't miss out on any of the photos that get added. 


  1. Really beautiful. I love the way the turquoise heart and key stand out against the background.

    Emma x

  2. Beautiful piece. I love the subtle layers of color and the contrast with the turquoise.

  3. Gorgeous Darcy! Love the texture and the sentiment!

  4. Love all those layers. What a great effect

  5. Definitely been inspired! Great instructions and something i can have an attempt at:-)

  6. As usual, sets the cogs into motion. Need to play and experiment like you. Have to stand in the sink to singe the paper!

  7. Absolutely love this project x

  8. Gorgeous, love that amazing background.