Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Weekly Face on Weds

This one is just a doodle, not inspired by anything, not following any reference. Just doodles and layers..

pencil sketch

 first layer uses neocolor II crayons

a little background stamping then a layer of white acrylic..

background stencilling

coloured pencils added..

flowers stencilled with white acrylic

flowers doodled with black pen.


  1. Love how you make hair look so elegant and eyes so full of emotion.

    She is another beauty:-)

  2. nice one, could almost be a background for a journal page

  3. Very pretty I love all the detai and colour. Always enjoy your work :)

  4. It's really helpful to see all the stages. Very wistful. Love the daisies. Do you plan or take it where it leads you? X

    1. Absolutely no plan with this one, was just an exercise in playing and seeing what happened. Was watching a film and reading a book inbetween layers drying so not even fully concentrating. It just kind of made itself.