Saturday, 23 November 2013

Wiggly Wire...

Well it started out stright, but it is very thin wire and got very wiggly wery quickly... here's what I did. 

First I painted some smoothy card, this is the thinner version as I wanted it more flexible. I used several green Fresco paints.. blending, so that the different shades showed through in different areas. 

Then I stamped the holly leaves from my new xmas stamps. EDY04

I stamped them in black archival ink, then I restamped using Fern green, and finally overstamped again using potting soil.. Each time I slightly offset the stamping. then I cut out the leaves, on some I cut around the brown outline and on some along the green outline. The blurring and overstamping helps create depth and shadow to the leaves, making the colours look more natural and less flat. 

Finally I addded some pearl glaze. 

I then stamped and coloured the berries.. and a few single hearts from EDY01 I edged all the pieces with Treasure Gold. 

Next I wrapped  a piece of ribbon around the base of this candle. 

Then I wrapped some thin green beading wire around the candle, gluing on the hearts as i went. 

Next I glued on the leaves and berries, I used glossy accents and attached them mainly to the ribbon. 

Finally i cut some more green wire, and curled it around my small pliers to make it super wiggly, then I curled it around the original wrapped wire. If you look on the original heart stamps, you will see they have wiggly tendrils coming off them, so this wiggly wire mimics that. 

All finished.. 

Thanks for looking, 

Darcy. x

* As always please use candles responsibly and do not leave when lit*


  1. This is beautiful Darcy. I think I may make something like this for my mum for xmas as she loves candels.

    Jo x

  2. Awwww!! That is cuteness to the nth degree! LOVE it!

  3. Amazing!! I love the hearts especially.

  4. This is great, Darcy, I love that wiggly wire!

    Lucy x

  5. Thanks for the tip about creating shadow around the holly leaves. Great project :-) x

  6. Thanks for the tip about creating shadow around the holly leaves. Great project :-) x

  7. Darcy...this is so fantastically fun!! Love it!

  8. Very nice Darcy deffo gonna give this one a go very pretty xxx

  9. Love it! Just the thing that Cindy LooWho (who is only 2) would do with the help of Mum of course! Blessings dear talented creatrix!

  10. Absolutely adore these... the stamps look great, but it's the curly wire that brings it home!
    Alison xx