Wednesday 4 December 2013

Wednesday Face..

Pushed for time again this week, seems ages since i had time to sit down and draw properly. I am busy,busy,busy working on super sekrit things for next year. 

Anyway, here is a quickie. I had my metallic markers from a post on monday still out on my desk, so I thought I would just grab those and see what I could do. 

I did a rough sketch, and started to block it in. 

Because these markers are so shimmery I didn't want to go over them with any other medium to shade, so I kept the colouring to simple shapes to define the face. 

You can see how they catch the light..

All done..I don't like the steampunk eyepiece, but I really like the rest of it.

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Darcy x


  1. Really different way of shading a face, like howyou have defined the areas. Really love what you have done, especially the dimension on the Steampunk eye, brilliant.

    Love this weeks face:-) x

  2. Wouldn't that make a great tattoo! Hmmmmm? I like the eye piece! I have No idea what steampunk is! but I love the metal !! xoxoDebi

  3. Wow the face is just awesome, and the steampunk eye piece is so original and really 'pops' with out dominating your composition. It's and stunning and almost ethereal face. I just love it. Wish I was clever enough to do this in a journal