Friday, 3 January 2014

Documented Life Project

A couple of weeks ago I saw a tweet by  Roben Marie Smith, I followed her link and discovered THIS BLOG POST if you haven't already seen it then do go take a look. All the details are there and there is a link to the FB group too. 

Basically over 2014 Roben and 4 other artists will be issuing weekly prompts that will encourage and inspire you to create, decorate and fill in your journal/planner/diary.... whatever you choose to use. 

I was so excited to read the post, not because I had been looking for something like this, but because I had literally just finished making a journal cover, but I had no idea what I would use the journal for... it was fate!!!

So I decided to join in, and that meant adding even more to my journal... I wanted to show you how my journal looks now, right at the beginning of the year. 

I started by making a whole load of patchwork pieces, you can see how I did them in THIS POST..for these particular pieces I used markers, but you can do this technique with paints too. 

I did some patchwork pieces a while back and used paints on them, see how I did them in THIS POST . So it is up to you how you colour them, markers, watercolours,acrylic...

so once I had my patchwork pieces I needed to fix them to a backing paper. I measured my paper out by wrapping it around my journal, with enough length to fold over to the inside covers. 

Then i dabbed glue stick on each patch, and stuck them to the backing paper, making sure to overlap them. 

Then I used my sewing machine to zig zag between all the pieces, to fasten them down. 

Make sure you use a pretty coloured thread that matches in with your patchwork pieces.. 

then turn the whole thing over and glue on some lining paper, this will hide all the back of the stitching. I just used black wrapping paper. 

next, stitch all around the outside edge then fold in the 2 short ends and stitch those into place. You now have 2 end 'pockets'. Slip the front and back covers of the journal into the pockets. 

Here is how it looks now..

I love how the colours look together..

Here is how the inside looks, it has become very fat over the festive period. I expect it to get even bigger over the year. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with the prompts and totally fill my book, if I do then I will show another flip through video at the end of the year. 

All the page edges have been covered in washi tape. 

Getting thick, I love this...

 My calendar pages...I don't plan on writing much. 

Video flip through...

Darcy x


  1. Love it, Darcy.

    I'll be doing it too - my journal is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

    Can't wait to share this experience with you :-)

  2. Gonna have to wait till Saturday to watch the video!! xxx

  3. Looks a great idea, might just join in too:-) xxx

  4. I have an Instagram friend doing this and not all washi tape is the same....she is sad as the tape she has used, is tearing and causing all her hard work to fall I thought I would pass this on......I to want to participate and thank you Darxy for the gorgeous cover! I will try and make one as week ! xoDebi

  5. OMG I love it Darcy.. You have given me some cool ideas. Thanks for the video.

  6. Gorgeous journal! Fab idea and thanks for the video.

    Etsuko xx

  7. looks fab Darcy, hope you enjoy documenting 2014!!

  8. Wow love this, off to follow the link but admit I'm hopeless at sticking to a regular diary/calendar/journal so we'll see.

  9. Love how you turned that skinny little book into a fat well padded individual. It looks like something you won't be able to resist using. Fantastic. Lots of fab ideas for us journal virgins. Love the washi tape edges, the spots and the fold outs. Thanks for sharing

  10. Lol Darcy! How fat is it going to be when you've finished filling it?? Hope your bag is big enough to cope :D XXX

  11. Going to join in too. Thanks for endorsing it Darcy. Look forward to it. Xx

  12. you convinced me when I saw the graph paper "diary" pages. thanks.

  13. Keep coming back for ideas, Tis really inspiring, thanks. X

  14. Your journal is so yummy and welcome to DLP!!! :)

  15. I've decided to join the DLP and catching it in the middle of it, i couldn't find the planner that they recommand but I saw you video and I'm gonna go with your method. I'm absolutely amazed by the look of your cover and i'm gonna try to make one inspired by yours. Thanks so much for the inspiration.