Saturday, 8 February 2014

NEW PaperArtsy {2014} Products: Eclectica³ Darcy Collection

Today is the day! At last I can reveal all of my new stamps. 

As you know, last summer I released my very first stamp plates with PaperArtsy. That was back in August 2013, hearts,clocks and cogs featured heavily. It was such an exciting time for me, and I was thrilled to be asked to add a further 2 plates for Christmas 2013. These too had Steampunk elements. The Christmas stamps were released when I visited PaperArtsy HQ at the end of October last year. That same day Leandra asked me to start putting together some new designs for a spring release. 

It is such a crazy process, I had just finished drawing Christmas stamps, it wasn't actually Christmas yet at that point, and I was already moving into Spring is hard to wrap your head around designing flowers when there are Christmas songs playing on the radio. 

So I sketched and sketched and sketched, filling up as many A4 pages as I could, then I selected my  favourite elements and developed those further. After a couple of redraws we had the final selections...and here they are.. 

there are four A5 collections

and there are 8 minis...

 Here are a few samples that I have made so far. I hope you love them as much as I do. Let me know what you think, do you want more of the same? what would YOU like to see as part of my collection?

For more amazing samples pop over to the PaperArtsy blog and see what some of our other designers have made with my stamps. I am so pleased, they made some great stuff. Thank you Alison Bomber. Gillian Simson, Carol Quance and Linda Cain

As I type this I am down at PA HQ prepping for the Stamperama show at Stevenage. I will be demoing there with Leandra. If you are coming to the show please pop by the stand and say hello. 

Regarding availability: PaperArtsy will be shipping out to all their retailers from 20th Feb onwards, so keep an eye  on your local craft store. 

Next week, once I am back home I will blog the process photos and instructions for each of the samples above, so do watch out for that. 

Thank you once again to Mark and Leandra for having faith in me and my designs and for bringing them to life. 

Darcy x


  1. I just love ALL of them but your whimsy steampunk stuff is fantastic!

  2. they are all gorgeous, Darcy, especially the minis. Can't wait to see you tomorrow (and not only so I can shop!)

  3. I love, love, love the little houses and the tree. The water pot holder is just amazing. I am so looking forward to seeing you demo tomorrow. Well done you for creating not just a stamp collection but an imaginative world that is so you! I think all we can ask for is yet more glimpses into this unique world! Julie Ann xxx

  4. Your talent is amazing Darcy I'm am so thrilled for you lovely. Love em all especially the minis all of which I want of course lol. Congratulation. Cannot wait to meet you.

  5. They look fabulous Darcy, I bet you are thrilled! I especially love the snail mini and the tree.

    Emma x

  6. You have sold me Darcy! They will be winging their way to Australia ASAP! I am sure my customers will love them too!

  7. Wow Darcy! Love them all - I'll start saving now. Love your samples. The funky houses are my favourite! Chrisx

  8. Your talent never creases to amaze Darcy. I am enjoying playing in your Whimsical World, need all your stamps! Am excited by the mini stamps too. My faves are 1, 5, 6, 7 & 8.

    Fantastic set of unique & very original designs which i am sure will be a mahoosive hit:-) xxx

  9. Congratulations on a fabulous release, Darcy - the response is already amazing!! It was such fun playing in such a different style from my normal world - so many discoveries - which is my greatest joy!
    Alison xx

  10. Congratulations on your latest releases, Darcy. Very impressive stamps. Of course, I'm partial to steampunk, so I love the steampunk inspired home. Clever and adorable.

  11. What an amazing and original collection of stamps you have created .

    I love all of them.

    Ideas for you next collection? How about faces. You are so good at creating those - and if they are the size of your small sets you could do a collection which would be brilliant for journal making as well as umpteen other uses.

    A page of stamps with your wonderful writing on them - again for journal use.

  12. Hello Darcy. Well! You do realise you are going to cost me a small fortune don't you? I had my heart set on the flamingo but now I've seen them all I'm not sure where to start!! Love the snail, and the shrooms, the houses are so cute, and I'm not really a house person, and the cat, must get the cat. Absolutely adore the sample you made using the tree stamp from the cat plate. I'm going to call it the cat plate. The number designations are so..... not fab, unlike your stamps. That tree stamped on the heart is just such perfect art. If it needs a home........ Apologies for gushing but I think these are fabulous, inspiring, so innovative, must haves. A big huge congratulations on this new release. I think you are going to take the world by storm, or at least stamp it into submission. ROFL Hugs and more hugs

  13. I love these! They're the most exciting stamps I've seen in recent years! Great Job.

  14. Congratulations Darcy these new stamp plates are gorgeous, I fell in love with the flamingo then I saw the cat and oh yes the little houses not to mention all the other elements on the plates, and omg the minis are gorgeous...yep I "need" them all to play to raid piggy bank lol.
    I blog hopped all the wonderful samples and fell in love all over again, sigh!


  15. Hi Darcy, it was lovely meeting you at Stevenage today - your stamps are FAB and I'm very lucky to have them ALL!! now about to start on your journal page. Loving your samples.

  16. Darcy, every one of these stamps is fantastic, I wish I could have bought them all today, but I'm looking forward to having a play with the little bird & the mushrooms. It was great to see you today, thank you for the wonderful demoes.

  17. Great to see your fab demos yesterday Darcy! Wonderful stamps & samples, I really love the envelope art you gave me, & the tree heart above is a favourite of mine. So glad I bought that set!
    Alison x

  18. Fab fab fab new stamps, really exciting and inspiring!!! And your samples are great Darcy! :D Looking forward to seeing them more closely now at VS Paris... :) Crafty hugs, Coco x