Monday 24 February 2014

Weekend Antics

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with a couple of good friends. Gillian works with me at PaperArtsy and we got to know Steven through twitter, he is one of the loyal PAtwits. As Steven was visiting Newcastle to see family, and the city is about halfway between me and Gillian, we all decided to meet there. 

Our first stop was the Art Shop, I love that place, it sells my favourite brand of blank journals. We spent a good while noseying at all the shelves, and filling our baskets. then, as we were all starving we headed to a pub that Steven had found. The Forth Hotel, isn't actually a hotel anymore, but oh WOW, the food is excellent. If you are ever in Newcastle, go to this place. 

On the way to the pub, we found this amazing metal sculpture..

Seriously how cool!

We started with a drink.. of course..or two.. 

Then we ordered food, those sandwiches were huge, on homemade crusty bread and oh so delicious. 

Gillian had nachos, and they were HUGE. 

After lunch, and rather large drinks, we needed a little fresh air. Gillian was very giggly, and Steven turned into a tour guide. 

After walking for miles, and hunting for various random items such as fairy power spray, creme eggs and toaster pockets... we found a great coffee shop. 

We had the most scrumptious cakes. 
Parsnip,lemon and ginger cake
Popcorn and salted caramel tiffin
Cranberry and white chocolate flapjack

If you point a camera that close to me I will pull silly faces, just can't help myself. 

good times..

While we were stuffing ourselves with cake, we glanced out of the window behind us and noticed a yarn shop, it was getting late by now so after tea and cake, we dashed across the road, hoping it would still be open.

I bought some sock wool..

and these funky buttons..

and Gillian bought this yarn, which is the hairiest, hairy stuff on the planet. I am currently knitting this for her into a scarf. 

we then wandered a bit more, and I found an advert for my new stamps in a magazine. 

We said our goodbyes to Steven, and then me and Gillibobs went back to our hotel. There were lots of parties of 'hen night and stag night' people staying there, so it was very busy. We managed to grab a table and had our evening meal.... with a couple of drinks!

By now the bar area was getting very noisy so we headed back to our room. where I surprised  Gillian by just how much journalling stuff I had packed into one pencil case lol

We both worked on Documented Life pages, and time flew by, before we knew it, it was 3am lol

Next morning we had breakfast and packed our bags and then waited for our mini spa treatment. We had booked through here Perfect mini Spa and we both had a head,neck and shoulder massage. it was heavenly. 

Then we checked out and made our way back into town. this time we were loaded down with bags, and after a short while Gillian decided she couldn't carry hers so she bought a trolley!

She also bought some new Doc Martens 

We stopped off for a cup of tea, at a small tea house that had been recommended.  I had Oriental Spice flavour. 

"This is a black tea with the addition of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom pieces and vanilla seeds rounded off with orange peel giving an oriental style tea drinking experience."

I laughed when it arrived with a timer, the young man serving us explained that all the teas required different brewing times, and we could pour our tea when the timer went off. mine took 4minutes. 

I love flavoured teas, and bought myself this funky teapot, they didn't have it in stock in the shop, so I am trying to be patient and wait for it to arrive by post.  Hurry up postman!!!

I think we look pretty chilled out after our massage and spicy teas.. 

Then it was time for hugs and train tickets as we both set off home. It was a fabulous weekend. 

Darcy x


  1. What a fab weekend. I love Newcastle. That statue is awesome.

    How fab to be meeting up and working on your DLP. I love this project. My four friends and I have a crafty few days away soon and our planners are coming along for a meet up. Such fun journaling till the small hours

  2. Looks like you had fun! Where is the Art Shop Darcy? Haven't been to Newcastle for ages! X

  3. You all look happy & relaxed, sounds like u had a blissful time & ime for some DLP play!

    Great to see you all smiling & enjoying food and drink. Love the metal sculpture, that is fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing your weekend:-) xxx

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  5. Was too short, next time we need to organize a long weekend and do a project. The Sculpture is out the back of the Newcastle Art centre (where the art Shop is) in Westgate Rd

  6. Sounds like a perfect mix of friends, fun, shopping, relaxing crafting and cake. What more could you want........

  7. That sounds like my idea of the perfect weekend! Col went to uni in Newcastle and we used to go there a lot. I think paper artsy should stock those buttons!

    Lucy x

  8. All looks like loads of fun!
    Alison x

  9. The weekend sounds huge fun - love the photos! The art shop sounds heavenly...

  10. Loved reading this, like the famous five but just three. Xx

  11. Ooh! I need one of those blue!!! Looks like you all had a fab time, dining & shopping! xxx

  12. What a wonderful weekend, I'm so jealous! I'm glad the three of you had such a great time, thanks for sharing the great photos - I love the buttons. And the teapot. And the food. And Gillian's new DMs. Ok, I'll shut up now.

  13. ...and Metal Mickey looks brilliant!

  14. I have the button on the left. I still haven't used it yet cause I love it so much!

  15. What a fantastic day you all had :D...and the way you managed to co-ordinate your hair and alcohol is amazing :D XXX

  16. Brilliant time, I am well jell! Shopping food and a few drinks capped off with crafting and a lorra laughs i expect! PERFECT!

  17. Fantastic weekend, amazing company, really not long enough as Steven said. Awesome memories and laughs.

  18. Trying to catch up with everyone! This sounds like the most fun on the planet! Lovely even just to read about. Nice to know you didn't starve or go thirsty! Lol! Julie Ann xxx