Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Weekly Face on Weds

A while ago I asked for volunteers from my friends list on FB, I needed faces to practice on. This is one of those volunteers, some of you may know him. Working from FB photos is really challenging, they are usually small and have been taken with a phone camera, so once I enlarge the photo to draw from it a lot of details are lost. 

so the initial outline..

adding in some of the darkest areas.

refining some of the lines.

now the face starts to take shape

all the main features and darkest shadows are now in.

now to add some of the medium shading

Adding in more medium shadows and some background.

tidied up and the highlights made as light as possible. 

This was a challenging one to do, for several reasons, but he has such a lovely smilie face. I am pretty happy with it. I have no clue how to do beards so that is pretty rough but i like the rest of it. 

Darcy x


  1. What a fabulous portrait of Cesar! You have captured his character brilliantly!

  2. I love watching the drawing come to life!

  3. Really good drawing Darcy full of life and your beard looks really good too x

  4. i've only seen a few photos but you've captured him so well!

  5. The eyes capture the essence Darcy. Amazing. Xx

  6. I think that's great!

  7. As usual ... Brilliant job lovely!

  8. You've done a lovely job with this Darcy. I haven't seen the original photo but the shadows and highlights you've captured really help to shape his face, looks more 3D. Well done!
    Alexandra x