Tuesday 8 April 2014

Dreary Diana

My weekly face is a day early this week, it was finished so I thought I may as well blog it. I had such fun making this one, right from the start I knew that I would. But at each step I was terrified I would mess it up. I have to say i absolutely love how she turned out. 

As always a pencil outline. 

Then I broke out my acrylics. These are Daler Rowney System 3 acrylics. I started with blues,pinks and greys. 

While still wet I dabbed her skin with a paper towel to remove some paint and make it look distressed. 

Then I added more blue,pink,grey and white. 

i wasn't sure what colours I wanted the feathers, so I just blocked in some bases. I also blocked in a dark green for her eyes. 

Now to bring the eyes to life, add the eyebrows, define nose and mouth..

A little more shading..

I added lines of gesso roughly to the background. 

Then coloured the background with greens, turquoise and white.

I added a little dark grey to the bottom of the background.

Now I worked on the hair, using black and purple. I also added purple to the dress. 

Then I worked on the feathers...layering several colours on each to achieve depth. 

All finished. I am in love with my little Dreary Diana. 

Hope you like her

Darcy x


  1. Very cool..welcome to the dreary side

  2. I love all the texture on the feathers and the glint in her eyes! I have recently bought some Daler Rowney System 3 Acrylics too but I struggled to get much detail with them as they were drying so quickly. Do you use any sort of extender gel to make it dry slower? Also what sort of brush do you use please? I used a bristle brush, but couldn't get the detail I wanted really. I'm just learning though, so trying new mediums is good.

    1. hi Lynn, no I didn't use an extender. I only use cheap brushes, some royal crafters choice with white hairs and a set from WHSmiths that was about £6, for a pack of loads, they all have golden coloured hairs. I totally wreck brushes, don't look after them and I am so bad at even cleaning them lol I do mostly use tiny brushes, size 0,1,2 seem to be the ones i use a lot for details. I also really like flat, kinda square ended brushes. I just looked and can't tell you the sizes cos they are all caked in paint lol

    2. Thanks Darcy. I have some square ended brushes, but think I need to get some of the smaller ones. I do have smaller ones that I use for watercolours, but I didn't want to ruin those with the acrylics!

  3. Like? no, LOVE! i'm so drawn to your art and style. You so totally inspire me to draw and more often...TY!
    OOXX'S P n' L

  4. Dreary Diana is magnificent Darcy, love the feathers, i hope they help her fly to her dreams... Can see why you love her so much. I do adore your whimsical faces! Stunning eyes and real Heart in this weeks face. Glad you shared early :-) xxx

  5. She is delightful! I don't know how you do it!

    Lucy x

  6. I'm thankful you show your process of painting these faces-it's fascinating to me!

    Shine on!

  7. Loved watching how you created her. Magical! Julie Ann xx

  8. Amazing how the drawing comes to life as you add the colour, it's very striking.

  9. I have reworked lyrics to a Michael Jackson going round my head now! She looks like a mischievous little fae to me...

  10. I love Dreary Diana too! She is wonderful, there's a lot going on in that head. I'm glad she's your new Twitter avatar, she will make me smile every time I see her.

  11. Totally amazing, I'm in awe in front of your art, so unique and fantastic!!!!!! :) x

  12. The eyes!! Amazing. They just seem to light her up. Would you be willing to share how you do those? or maybe you have already. Awesome