Friday, 25 April 2014

Journal Stickers

I wanted to make some stickers that I could use in my Documented life Journal. I didn't have a full A4 sized sheet of stickers/labels but I did have this roll of address labels. I tore off 3 lengths each with 5 labels. I attached them to an A4 sheet of copy paper using double sided tape. 

Don't peel off the backing paper from the stickers!!! Just add the DS tape to the back of the labels and stick them down. The only reason to fix them onto one sheet is for ease of painting. I didn't use loads of tape, just enough to hold them all in place. 

Next I added blue,green,pink,purple and pale yellow, using a brayer. 

I then covered them all with these scratchy stamps from Ellen Vargo/PaperArtsy 

The next layer was more paint in the same colours, but this time watered down and flicked onto the sheet. 

Next I dipped the bottom of a small plastic pot into some white paint and splodged it onto the page. I topped each one with some bubble wrap printing. 

I then added more of the stamps, this time using one from the bolder set. EEV03 I also added dots of paint around the circles. 

I added some rectangle patches of white, and framed them with contrasting paint. 

 Then I added doodling with pen. 

Finally I stamped words into the rectangle frames. Don't worry if they don't fit, as some of the words go over 2 stickers anyway, so once you peel them up the words will get broken up. 

This is my finished sheet. Before I used it I scanned it so I can print it out and use it as a backing paper if I wish. the word stamps are all from Lin Brown Collection  and the Sara Naumann Collection. 

Then just use them. I peeled one whole sticker up and added it to the bottom of this page in my journal. 

I used some other bits to create die cut shapes and letters. 

and i cut some of the wordy bits out on their own. 

This was a fun, painty session and I now have some sticky bits for my journal. Why don't you give it a go, make your own stickers. 

Darcy x


  1. So creative ♥ Love this idea!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I absolutely love this and will definitely try it. Thanks so much for sharing your technique Darcy. I look forward to your posts.☺


  3. These are gorgeous. Another project for the to do list

  4. Genius idea Darcy, love the inspiration. Thanks for sharing:-) x

  5. What a brilliant idea, and I love the end result.. another winner. must write it down..

  6. I love this idea Darcy, especially as I have boxes of stickers by the printer that never get used!

  7. Excelleny idea Darcy they look terrific xx

  8. Goddess I've been missing your awesomeness !!! *know what I'm doing today* :D XXX

  9. Saw this in the dlp group. What a fab idea'm going tohave a go at this weekend if thats okay

    Thanks for sharing

  10. Brilliant idea! love these stickers :)

  11. Cool technique, Darcy!! Gonna give it a try! :)

  12. What a marvelous idea. Armed with old address labels and plan to paint away this rainy weekend!

  13. Hi darcy I go and have a go at this I really like that idea thank you for sharing :)

  14. So cool, I love this idea Darcy! x

  15. Great idea and the colours beautifully. xx

  16. Love this idea. I found some tiny square stickers at Walmart that are suppose to be for garage sales. They would be really cute done like you did. Still loving your bread!!