Friday, 25 April 2014

More Sticker Paintiness

Today I painted more stickers. In the drawer I found 2 sizes of rectangle stickers and a pack of hole reinforcers....if you sit still long enough here you get covered with paint, so these stood no chance. 

I started to build up layers of paint using a brayer. 

I didn't want these ones too dark, so they only have a few pastel layers on them. I then added text and music stamps from the Sara Naumann collection. 

I then added some drips and flicks, just to add some pops of colour. 

I took the smaller rectangles and layered them over some clean white larger labels, then I added stamped numbers. 

These were perfect for the dates in my journal. 

I have a few tags in my journal, so the hole reinforcers will come in handy for those. 

Are you having fun with stickers?

Darcy. x


  1. That's genius Darcy. "In the drawer" bit made me laugh, we all have one of those. Xx

  2. What a brilliant idea - off to seek out some sticky labels, thanks for the inspiration xxx

  3. More fabulous sticker Art! :-) xxx

  4. fantastic, Darcy!! Must find my labels at the weekend..

  5. What a great idea! Looks fab! x

  6. Wow, that's a fantastic idea haha, love this!!! x

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  8. Genius idea Darcy, they look great.

  9. Got to give this a try, especially the hole reinforcers. What great embelies