Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Melancholy Maria

Another little girl as my weekly face this week. I am loving them. 

sketched outline

adding grey and blue

adding pink

defining the features with dark grey

adding some colour

Eyes. Gail, I don't have a set routine for doing eyes, I pretty much dab it on and see what happens and no 2 sets are the same as I can never remember how I did them. 

For these however I made  a bit of a list for you. I started with venetian red, 

while damp I added some cadmium yellow

then white then burnt umber.

then sap green.... then i dried them.

the yellow ochre, white, then dry..

then burnt umber, white, ventian red, yellow ochre, white, ochre, burnt umber

as you can see it is the same colours over and over. Adding tiny amouts each time, building layers. 

once you are happy, just add the white highlights..This is roughly how I do eyes always lots of tiny layers.... but I have no exact formula..  When I do brown eyes I add a little green, when I do blue eyes I add a little brown, and for green eyes I add a little ochre. 

In the end result you can't see the individual colours, but the blended layers make the eyes come alive, so while it seems you are just covering up colours it is worth doing the layers. 

adding the eyebrows

stencilled background

blended back

finally the skirt added ...

I added a textured silver crown..

all done.. 

Darcy x


  1. Loving this series of girls! So original and uniquely YOU xoxo

  2. WOW, Maria is another wonderful creation, i hope you are going to turn these beautiful girls into stamps! :-) xxx

  3. I'll be honest, although I fully appreciate the artistic content of your girls was not drawn to them at first, ( just not my thing) but OMG I have fallen in love with them now. Don't know what happened, it's of no consequence, please please turn them into a series and get them onto stamps. Xxxx

  4. Only just discovered these gorgeous girls, loving them and I totally agree with the above - these need to be stamps!

  5. I love her so much. I've never drawn faces before in my artwork. She makes me want to try it. Thank you for posting how you did the eyes. That's my favorite bit.♥

  6. Darcy, I love her, she is wonderful. You've got to do more of these - please!! And stamps would be brilliant.

  7. Hi Darcy, thanks for the eyes tutorial. Must give it a go. I'll let you know if I get anything good enough to share ROFL Love your little ballerina. So sweet