Tuesday 29 April 2014

Weekly Face

Here is the dreary girl that I started last week, her name is Brenna. 

As always the initial sketch, getting ideas in place. 

Putting in the darkest areas using Paynes Grey

Adding colour to the coat, umbrella and boots. Once the colour was dry I added a layer of metallic glaze followed by a layer of gloss glaze. 

Now for the raindrops.. and the eyes.. 

I filled in the background with Wedgewood blue, leaving ridges in the paint. I decided it was a little dull so added a thin wash of purple over it. 

I then added some lines using the edge of a ruler dipped in violet paint, liking the raindrops. 

I then added a few more dots between the rain.. and added the splashes into the puddles. 

Now to add a little shading and outlining...

All finished.. 

I am really pleased with this one.. 

See how the metallic glaze and gloss glaze really shine.. 


  1. And so you should be pleased! Nicely done!

    Shine on!

  2. So good to see Brenna completed, my fave so far as i love the rain and the 3D puddles. Another amazing Dreary Girl i hope one day you will turn into a stamp puddles and rain included:-) xxx

  3. Really great! Love the effect the glaze has given her :)

  4. Yes, I love the effect of the glazes too! I also love how you did the rain and the colours you chose. As always beautiful work. You inspire me to create my own people - something I haven't done for ages. Thanks for all the inspiration, Darcy. Julie Ann xxx

  5. She's fab Darcy. I love the glazes too. Been mixing them up a bit myself lately. The raindrops and puddles are great.

    Lesley Xx

  6. A fun image. Love the bright colours and her umbrella