Thursday, 1 May 2014

DLP Planner Pages

ohh dear, I am so well nothing new there then! I have so many ideas for the prompt pages just not the time... however I am keeping up with my daily diary/planner pages. Mainly because the spaces are tiny and I need only write a word or two, at most a sentence. I really never was much of a 'dear diary' kind of girl. 

So at the start if the year i had all my planner pages looking like this.. 

I liked them, they were nice and clean  and simple... but I soon realized that they didn't reflect me at all and after getting through Jan and Feb I decided that I needed to colour and grunge up my planner pages.. 

So here are a few of the new pages.. lots of colour and doodles..

Adding the doodles makes the journalling spaces even smaller, meaning I don't have to think as hard for something to write lol win win!

This one is like a blackboard, the numbers are done with the painted stickers that I created a few days ago. 

layers of colour..

hearts and circles painted on deli paper and then cut out and glued in. 

I hope you are having fun with your pages. I really hope I can show you some completed prompt pages soon. I am working on a few of them, I keep adding bits, just have none finished yet. 

Darcy x


  1. the pages look great, hope you get some filled in soon. I knew I'd have no chance of keeping up, so didn't even think about signing up, I know what I'm like!

  2. Love all your different planner pages, more you as months go on. Have found a format i like so sticking with it until i get bored. Have posted Blog links on Pinterest if you get time to

  3. Really great pages Darcy. Love your stickers.Finally did some myself. Twas really fun. ☺☺

  4. Great ideas from fantastic pages love them xx

  5. Really like the different looks. Got to make me some stickers.....

  6. Beautiful Pages - Great Ideas - Thanks for sharing your progress with us - Love everything you posted - I am so far behind on DLP -- But I plan to catch up -- You gave me the inspiration I needed!