Saturday, 24 May 2014

DLP Week 14

Write your name and embellish it.. 

Easy right, hmm well writing my name was easy lol even I can do that hahaha but how to embellish it? i was stuck on this one for a while, just wasn't inspired at all. 

I started with this colourful tip in, it was a leftover piece of card that had been painted stripey merely to test out some faux lumiere paints that I mixed up a few years ago. 

You can read how I mixed them up in THIS POST.. 

So the tip in, was .. well .. tipped in. with washi tape. Then I die cut the letters of my name from some painted stickers. See how I painted them in THIS POST

and that is how the page stayed for a couple of weeks.. Then i started adding bits.. These are free downloads of old poison bottle labels.... I have no idea how that relates to my name lol I think I just liked the colours of them. 

I added a little stencilling and stamping over the top, and voila! all of a sudden it was done. I had no plan with this page, had no idea where it was going but I really like it. 

Darcy x


  1. Good to see you remembered the cake...q most important ingredient in any project :D XXX

  2. WoW! It's gorgeous. Pretty great for you feeling uninspired for this project. I really love how it turned out.♥

  3. Great page, fab thing to do with your name. Was at a loss with week 17 prompt so played with a couple of techniques and ended up liking my page also.

    Thanks for the links to the techniques, love how i get so inspired by your ArT :-) xxx

  4. Terrific page Darcy, I love how you built up the layers.