Sunday 25 May 2014

DLP Week 15

Monochrome... I don't know why but that word always panics me a little, I always think it is going to end up looking boring ..

This is a double spread, and has a postcard taped in the middle. 

I started by pulling out lots of blue paints and blending a few just to get some colour on the page. 

Here you can see one half with  the postcard laid down.. this postcard, was sent to me by  a friend ages ago. 

The postcard had a plain back, so I added a small photo to it. I had been playing around with my POGO printer, I love that I can print photos from my phone. 

Here you can see the original painting, and the small print next to it, they really small, but perfectly formed and fun to use in journals. 

The prints have a self adhesive backing, so I stuck the print to the back of the postcard. 

I thought for a while on what to add next, maybe a face, maybe just patterns, maybe quotes...and couldn't decide. So I just started adding stencilling and stamping in all shades of blue. just to get some layers and interest going. 

This is how the double spread looks now.. I quite liked it as it was, but it was lacking any focal images. 

So on the left side I added this cute gazing hare stamp.. 

I then was a bit stuck, what should I add to the other side? I didn't really want more images. So I searched for a poem and found THIS ONE.. 

I only copied out parts of it..  and then added some splodges of ink around the words. 

Here are the 2 finished halves.. the left side.. 

and the right side.. 

Darcy x


  1. Fabulous, love the poem and your added splodges!

  2. Gorgeous page! Adding the stamped hare was a great idea & I love all the blues.

  3. Beautiful monochrome pages!!! Love the poem and of course your Dreary Girl looks amazing. Loving all your pages so far Darcy, your DLP journal puts mine to shame but seeing as i struggle to draw it's not surprising lol.

    You really really rock Darcy!!! :-) xxx

  4. This looks fabulous Darcy. Love the colour and the details on your pages. I am new to this but you are so inspiring. I am now following you
    x catherine

  5. Stunning pages Darcy! I love the blue colours and pretty bunnies. I have an interesting with the making process and POGO too!! What is her name anyway?? xxx

  6. Dreary girl was just perfect for this and using just one colour palette really works, it looks fab!

  7. oh that is totally adorable!!

  8. Awesome! I likely have been living under a rock but have never heard of a POGO printer. I'll have to check that out now...

  9. Oh wow, love the hares and colours