Wednesday 18 June 2014

Drippy Face {with Ink and dog Stamps and Fibralo Pens}

I started by drawing a set of 50's style glasses in the top half of the page. 

I then scribbled onto a flexi block with fibralo pens and picked up the ink with a small brush to paint the eyes. 

After colouring the glasses  I decided I wanted the area inside the glasses to be stamped, so I cut some rough masks from scrap paper. 

I then stamped with Mini 23.

and I used the number background plate to stamp around the outside of the glasses. 

Now the fun bit, I began adding colour with fibralo pens at the top, adding water and allowing them to drip down the page. 

Adding more colour with drips and splats. 

I then stamped the title with JoFY 21  using archival ink. 

and coloured in with fibralo pens, they really are perfect for colouring lettering. 

There are also metallic pens available within the Fibralo range, here I added gold pen directly to the stamp. This is perfectly safe as the ink is water based and will  not harm your stamps. 

Finished page.. 

The pens are available from PaperArtsy HERE...

Darcy x


  1. Doh! Could see the drippy ink, but not the dog stamps lol....then it clicked..."Ink and Dog" stamps :D XXX

  2. Very cool. Love the stamping inside the glasses.. Great eyes

  3. Brilliant! Loving the fibralo pen ideas!

    Lucy x

  4. Terrific page Darcy, love the drips.

  5. Lots of drippage and fab colouring, fabulous pages :-) xxx