Monday 28 July 2014

Emergency Wrap

What happens when a last minute birthday party is sprung upon you? if you are super organized, or if you had small children and you go to lots of parties, then maybe you have spare gifts tucked away.. just in case.. I have done this in the past, found cool gifts in the sale and bought them to keep in the cupboard for emergencies... but do I ever remember to buy wrapping paper too? nope!

All I had was this plain black wrapping paper, not terribly jolly! 

I turned it over to find a plain white reverse, better than black, but a bit boring. 

So let's decorate it, we only have an hour before the party, so it's got to be quick, fun and with a splash of colour. 

Of course any paper would work, though printer paper is usually too small, and lining paper while bigger, is usually too thick. The paper I am using is actual wrapping paper. 

Take a small stamp, something cute and not too detailed. Stamp this all over your paper at regular intervals. 

Add a smaller stamp between. 

Now take a selection of bright promarkers, and colour in SOME of the images. This will give the paper a printed/graphic feel. If you colour all of the images it will look homemade/coloured in. 

Voila! simple as that, it took 10 mins to stamp and about 15 to colour in. 

Once the gift is wrapped, there is some paper left over. I cut a square, and with the black side upmost I glued that to a card blank. Then I printed a sentiment out onto Safmat. 

Next I lay the Safmat down over another square of the wrapping paper, this time with the images upmost. The Safmat sticks to the paper, and the sentiment is in place. 

I trimmed the Safmat to the same size as the square of images, then stuck that layer to the black square, and there we have it a simple, matching card. 

Finally, with the final scrap I glued it to a tag shape and trimmed it, now I have a matching tag.

The final step was to add some bakers twine, though this is homemade bakers twine. It is actually crochet cotton that has been coloured with promarkers. 

I wrapped up the gift and added a little washi tape, under an hour, job done.

I have a set of vibrant promarkers to give away. 

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  1. great emergency wrap, love that monster!

  2. Brilliant project Darcy, that makes a really beautiful set for kids!!!

  3. Great wrapping paper and love the matching card and tag. Never thought to use promarkers to colour twine. Must give that a go. Left a little love over at Letraset blog. Have a great day

  4. Brilliant project Darcy, never thought to colour twine with Promarkers. Great end result, looks amazing:-) xxx