Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Weekly Face

A fun, painty quick face this week, that you can all have a go at.

First take some bright but darker shades of paint, and using a scraper, cover your page.

Now do a little background stamping, just use a geometric shape of some sort.

Add some lighter shades of paint, using a brayer and bottle caps. 

Rough out your face, ad paint in the outlines using white and a fine brush, or you could use a white sharpie pen. Then white out all the background. if you are not confident at drawing a face then cut one from a magazine and draw around it. Cut each section of face out and draw in the main outlines.

Go around your white shapes with a black pen.

You could leave it as in the photo above, but I added some crosshatching and a border. 

Have fun.

Darcy x


  1. You've made that look so easy, I'm inspired to give it a try! I'm useless at faces so that'll be interesting lol. Fab weekly face x

  2. Wow, that is fantastic idea Darcy!!

  3. Great face and technique that looks so simple indeed! :) Thanks a lot for sharing it Darcy, I will have a go if I can tomorrow with my daughters to make them busy in an art way, I think they could try too in their own "Art Journal" (very simple as they are only seven haha, but a very good start!) Hugs, Coco xx

  4. Darcy - fabulous! So clever, but so simple. I can't draw a face for the life of me, but I think I could have a go at this! Thanks for sharing. Jean.x

  5. I think I missed the magic wand movement and the magic word between the page with just the background and the page on which a face miraculously appeared... LOL

  6. Love this! xxx

  7. Fantastic result. A pity to cover up so much of that delicious background. That's always a brave step to take. Looks great

  8. It's a fantastic! Great idea and beautiful colours. I love the shiny hair xx