Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Weekly Face

This is Jax. I recently put out a call for people to send me photos of themselves so that I could practise more. Jax very kindly got her hubby to take some photos of her which she emailed. I loved one of her in a hat, so decided to go with that one. 

As always the initial outlines. 

I wasn't confident with producing the texture/fabric of the hat, so I began with that.

and then I moved onto the darkest darks, which were mostly in the hair. 

 I then started on my favourite part, the eyes.

then some of the shading.

here I shaded the ear and added more hair.

more work on the eyes. 

working across the face, left to right to avoid smudging. 

and all done.. 

Darcy x


  1. Oh i love your drawing of Jax! You always capture eyes so beautifully...

    Great weekly face, looking forward to your next one:-) xxx

  2. Love it Darcy, thank you!!!!

  3. Brilliant Darcy! Hugs Lesley Xx

  4. Wowser such talent, it must be amazing to draw like this, awesome :-) Kezzy xxx

  5. Wow!!! How wonderful is that??!!

  6. Great job, it looks really realistic!

  7. This one is absolutely fantastic... Third time I admire it, I find your drawings really amazing Darcy. Coco xx

  8. This is wonderful, what an amazing face!

    Lucy x