Tuesday 15 July 2014

Weekly Face

Well since returning from down south it has been a busy time. As such I just have not had the time to sketch out a portrait this week. 

While I was away I picked up some metal working tools. Now I do know I have completely missed the boat on this craze, which was super popular several years ago. Back then it didn't really grab me, but of late i have been wanting to have a little play. I know next to nothing about it and didn't even know which tools I needed.

I came home with a handful of tools, all weird and wonderful looking, and some sheets of metal. 

There are many,many videos online showing you just how to use these tools. PaperArtsy have a great one HERE.

I then found a really useful one from Elitia Hart with basic tips HERE. 

Then of course there are many videos on the Ten Second Studio Channel, HERE. 

I am sure there are many more, but these are the ones I found on my first search. I did not have time to create some epic masterpiece, but I did want to just play with the tools and see how they worked. 

Believe me, the videos make it look easy, in reality it is a little trickier. I ended up with scratches and marks in places I didn't want them. i even managed to work the metal so hard I made holes lol

but was it fun, yes, will I do more, yes! This is something I think i would like to do a lot more of, and that means taking it slow and learning lots. 

For now I will leave you with my less than impressive first attempt lol

This is less of a weekly face and more of a 'how to not do faces' lol

I worked on both front and back, and added some acrylic paint. 

Less dreary girl and more gruesome girl lol

lol I am really at a loss, there is nothing to say. I can't see this ever taking pride of place anywhere. But, it did teach me lots. Working out just how much pressure to use is important, working out which lines to make prominent, which areas to puff up. The tools all have specific jobs, and work best in certain areas. i learned that adding paint makes a huge difference, and also sanding back can bring the piece to life.

such an interesting process, and lots to learn.

As soon as I have time I will play more, and I shall try to show you my progress. If you have any fave metal working videos or books, then do please leave links in the comments for me. 

Darcy x


  1. Wow Darcy she still looks fab what a great playxx

  2. It's fab actually - looks sort of abstract stroke tribal, like it a lot x

  3. I also thought tribal art. Really wonderful piece Darcy. Xx

  4. She is a little bit scary. My first thought was Roswell. But actually I am very impressed. Like you say the videos make it look easy but when you actually give it a go...... Will have to check out the PA one again. I watched it before and had a half hearted attempt at putting ding dong bird on a metal sheet. I do love all the details and the background patterns you have used. As I said, impressed

  5. good start, Darcy! Lin Brown was big on metal work, back in the day - check out her blog!!

  6. I love your Dreary Metal Girl, she is very unique & different, a good thing.

    The 10 second studio videos are by far the best. Looking forward to seeing more, oh yes don't forget filler to keep shape of 3D objects:-) xxx

  7. Hi Darcy! This is very beautiful even if not perfect.. (In fact I don't think so, but that's what you said! :-o))
    Thanks for sharing all the useful links you have already. I cannot provide any other interesting link to complete your list, but I'm really tempted to play with my metal and working tools now thanks to you!!
    Well, it will wait a bit... I'm already happy to have found time to do your AJ challenge, I hope you will have a look at it, you should smile :) Hugs, Coco xx