Friday, 22 August 2014

Bouquet of Flowers

A while back I showed a teaser of this card that I made for my Mum, she has just moved into a new house so this is a bouquet of flowers that won't wilt. 

Remember this is made with brand new stamps, these are available from your favourite PaperArtsy retailer. 

I started by creating my bouquet on heavy weight smoothy card. I stamped the flowers onto scrap paper aswell, then I used these scrap as masks so that I could overlap the images. 

I then created the vase. I folded a piece of paper and drew an S shape, an s with a big bottom... I cut out through both layers and then opened this out. I used this as a template to cut a vase from smoothy card. 

First I painted it very lightly with watery South Pacific. I then covered the vase using the text stamps. Next I used matte gel through a stencil. I wanted to create texture but have it almost transparent, I couldn't do that with texture paste. 

Once the glue was dry, I painted the vase again. I used Inky Pool, and made sure that I cleaned the paint off the glue areas. I then added some white braid. 

I tried it up against the flowers for size and to help with placement of the final images. 

I started to add colour, some flowers are painted directly onto the card and others are stamped onto painted tissue. These were cut out and glued on, this just adds some subtle dimension. 

I folded a piece of Chatsworth patterned paper, and trimmed it in the same shape as the couquet piece, leaving it slightly larger. 

I added this tiny tag to the vase..

Inside I attached a piece of paper and decorated it a little with the birds and the text stamps. 

Here is the finished card, I painted the areas under the vase to look like a table top, just to ground the image and stop it looking like its floating in mid air. 

A little close up. 

I hope that has inspired you, cards don't have to have straight edges!

Darcy x


  1. Darcy this is lovely. Your flowers look fantastic in their vase. I'm sure your mum will love her flowers. And such I nice piece of art that can be kept. Xx

  2. What a gorgeous card!! Hope your Mum is settling in and enjoying her flowers.

  3. Great idea. Yet another one to try when I get back

  4. Beautiful, shows off your stamps in their full glory. Vase is lovely too. Hope that your Mum enjoys her new home. Xx

  5. WOW Darcy what a lovely bouquet, this will definitely not wilt and am sure your Mum will have this up for a very long time.

    Good to see how you have used masks to create layers and depth. Fabulous vase and a great shaped edge.

    Noticed that Dyan Reaveley likes shaped edges within her journals, really makes the pages pop :-) xxx

  6. So pretty, love the gel through the stencil xx

  7. Such a lovely card.

  8. Beautiful Darcy! Sue C x

  9. Very cool. Everlasting flowers