Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Weekly Face

This week I had intended to do a full portrait using Caran d'Ache Fibralo pens, however time escaped me. I did do these 2 very quick ones which really were just practise attempts, just to see how the colours would work for a skin tone. There is a flesh tone pen in the set that I have 042, which is perfect, the ochre 035 and the dark brown 059 and both great for shading. 

I found out that although these pens are waterbased and move around very easily, they cannot be removed completely. This was quite exciting as it means they can be used to 'stain' the paper. 

So i drew both these faces, coloured them in and then wiped both of them completely with a wet baby wipe. Sounds drastic I know, it reactivated the ink, and it smeared all over. i carried on wiping, and once all the loose ink was gone I was left with these 'ghost' images. 

I really like them.. 

This was not an attempt to create a perfect face, it was all about how the pens worked. I like how they are peering through. 

I will at some point do a proper portrait with them too. 

Darcy x


  1. Can see why you like the results, both faces are amazing. Good to see the Fibralo pens used this way. Not seen them irl and i have enough pencils, not sure if they are for me.

    Hope to see some more projects with them very soon, thanks Darcy:-) xxx

  2. Interesting technique. Great effect