Friday 19 September 2014

Bag Journal/Fairy Alpha

I have decided to fill my Bag Journal ,from the previous post, with fairies. A few years ago I decided to do a fairy alphabet, chose a letter at random..P..and did a poppy fairy. I got no further. 

So here is attempt 2. 

I began by adding gesso to part of the first bag. I love the kraft paper of the bag but it does dull the colour of paint, so adding gesso first will keep the paint colours true. 

I then added some stamped tissue paper. 

I then started layering up various greens. 

Next I pulled out lots of painted tissue, and other painted papers. I stamped one of my leaves, and cut them out. 

I glued them around the page..

 This time I am not picking random letters but starting at the beginning, so this is A for Acorn. I want to use lots of techniques and mediums in this journal, so I have started with Deli paper. I sketched out the fairy and blocked in the base colours with promarkers. 

Another layer of markers. I have found they blend really well on Deli paper. 

All coloured in and cut out. 

I added out Acorn boy to the page of leaves and finished off with touches of shading with graphite pencil and white pen. 

I love his acorn hat and acorn teapot!

Here is how the whole page looks. 

and how the page looks against the rest of the bags. I think it will be a very colourful happy journal. 

Darcy x


  1. your A for Acorn fairy is gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing some more of your alphabet fairies shortly!

  2. I agree this will be a very happy Journal, filled with Fairies and beautiful drawings. Today's Acorn Fairy is glorious, i do love his acorn hat and and teapot. Looking forward to B :-) xxx

  3. Hmmm I think I will just sketch out a fairy lol wow I love it Darcy ahhh to be so talented

  4. Fabulous project Darcy :D XXX

  5. Oh how lovely this is. Great idea for your new journal. I love the leaves which you cut out. Looking forward to seeing the rest of it.

  6. Your Acorn Fairy is gorgeous Darcy! Love the acorn hat and teapot and the frame of leaves is fabulous! Sue C x

  7. I envy your talent and creativity, Darcy. Can't wait for more fairies!!!