Thursday, 2 October 2014

Halloweeny Bag

I am feeling a little mojoless, so just taking a couple of weeks out to recharge. However I do keep playing with bits and pieces, not making anything special, just messing about. This is the result of one 'messing about' session. 

I started with brown wrapping/parcel paper. You could use a ready made paper bag, but I decided to make one. I formed a large rectangle into a tube and glued in place. 

Then I scored the sides, and glued up the bottom. 

Folded over the flaps, and Voila! I have a flat bottomed bag. 

I trimmed the top of the bag with decorative scissors, just to add a little interest. 

So now I have my paper bag, how to keep it closed? a simple peg of course. 

Obviously it needed a bit of colour. Uaing a kitchen sponge, and the foam side... I dabbed on some Snowflake Fresco paint. 

I sponged Pea Coat and Eggplant at the bottom, and Autumn Fire and Pumpkin Soup at the top. 

Then I added the brick stamp from EDY10. to form a wall. I used versamark clear ink and Bmuse embossing powder in Amethyst. 

Then I added the tree stamp, from EDY06.. using black ink and embosssing with wow clear embossing powder. 

I painted some deli paper with Taupe Fresco paint, and stamped on the mechanical cat in black archival. I added a few dots of orange Fibralo pen to the screws on his body. He was then cut out and glued on the top of the wall. 

Finally I added some bats from HPH04

I love how the embossing powder picks up the texture in the wall. 

I painted some more of the brown parcel paper with Pumpkin Soup and Autumn fire. over this I stamped the text from HPH04. I ainted another piece black on both sides. Once dry I embossed the bats on one side. 

Once glued together, the plain black side provides a border to the orange. (the batty side becomes the back of the tag) I added sparkly black yarns. 

I painted the peg to match and stamped on the bats. 

Here it is all together, the tag hanging down the back. 

and the front. all ready to be filled with sweeties. 

Darcy x


  1. Oooo, love it. Fab textures and the cute little batty peg is great! Xx

  2. What a cool bag!! looks like your mojo is doing all right!!

  3. Love the simplicity of your project and how textured and detailed it is. That is one heck of a Halloween sweetie bag Darcy.

    Your mojo is intact it just needs to recharge and do simple instead of complex. Take that breathe and enjoy the simple things... :-) xxx

  4. This does not look like there's anything wrong with your mojo! :)

  5. What fun. Love the tag. What a great Halloween cat!! Hugz