Monday 24 November 2014

Pop Art Planes

My friend and fellow artist Jay, drew out this face. Instead of adding lots of facial details he has just picked out the planes of the face,arms and hair. 

Planes show the high and low areas, ie; the areas that stick out and are therefore highlighted, and the lower areas that are flat or sunken in and are in shadow

I wanted to create a face using funky colours that you would not normally associate with skin, and this is the ideal way. Jay very kindly allowed me to use his sketch.

This was drawn out very lightly in pencil ( I darkened the photo so you can see it, but actually the pencil lines are very light)

I am using a combination of the Spring/Summer Ltd Edition set and the new Autumn/Winter Ltd Edition set from Letraset Promarkers. These 2 provided me with a great selection of colours with which to colour this face. 

I started with Mustard Green. 

Next I added Pebble Blue and Wild Orchid. 

Next I added Summer Sun. 

Now for a bold splash of Sunset. 

Next I filled in the face with Cloud Blue and started adding Verdigris to the hair. 

I finished the hair with Peacock Green. 

The flower was done with Pink Pearl and Silver Lining. The eyes,brows and inside of the flower were done with Storm Cloud, and the shadows under the hands were done with Firebrick. 

Almost done, at this point I just added white pen to the eyes and bottom lip. 

It looked a little unfinished, so I took a Letraset Fineliner 0.3mm, and outlined the central features and the main shapes. Note I did not outline the changes of colour within a shape. 

This latest set of colours are just lovely, look out for them at your local Promarker retailer. 


  1. I dunno where to start with this, it's a tutorial and fab outcome all in one Darcy...I love that you didn't choose facial colours...and that you could tell when it felt 'unfinished'...really clever. And I bet Joel was pretty chuffed too!

  2. Amazing transformation Darcy, she looks very Andy Warhol :-) xxx

  3. O wow, is all I can say. I'm trying to learn to draw faces, this has inspired me to try painting in a different way!

  4. Wow! That is stunning Darcy. And I love the colours, they're really gorgeous.

  5. Now that is just beautiful! :D XXX

  6. Oh wow, I love this look. So bright and gorgeous. Hugz