Sunday 21 December 2014

Reindeer Sheds

A lovely lady Massofhair recently offered to send me some die cuts of little boxes. At first I thought about making them into houses with chimneys... and a chocolate Santa going down the chimney.. but then a newsletter appeared in my email with these Gingerbread Reindeer Barns..  go see her blog, she has awesome recipes.. 

Anyway, that decided it for me, I would make the boxes into Reindeer Sheds.. 

These dies cuts make up into a 2inch box. To make the roof we need an extra bit, so 2 full die cuts and 1/3 of another one. 

The extra bit is glued on the end of one piece, and the other piece has the 2 end sections cut in half. 

Now glue them together just like you would to make a box, but instead of a flat lid you have a roof. 

Now the inside needs 'wallpapering' with patterned paper. I find it easier to leave the roof and one side open while you do the papering. i papered half, then stuck down the last 2 flaps and then fiddled with the rest of the papering, this ensures all the joining flaps are covered. 

Add some texture paste to the bottom half of the outside, and score lines into it. Once dry, this is painted with various browns, and then dry brushed with an off white. 

Now add some corrugated card pieces to the roof. I also punched out a small border and painted that to match the inside paper. 

I added a small square of hessian fabric to the 'floor' inside and glued the whole thing to a square of sturdy card leaving approx an inch all around. 

Next I wanted to add some puffy paint.. but I didn't have any, so I found a recipe online.. 

1 tablespoon self raising flour
1 tablespoon salt
a little water and a little white paint ( for colour, otherwise the flour/salt mix is a bit grey))

I mixed this up and dabbed it on the roof and the 'ground' then I popped the whole thing into the microwave for 25seconds.. ( I did try a heat gun on it but it didn't puff up)

it puffs up like magic in the microwave...

I then brushed on some glitter glue, all over the snowy areas. Don't use Stickles , you will go through a whole bottle, just use cheap kids glitter glue. 

Next I added some small embellies, nameplates to the front of the sheds, a little stamped and cut out tree, ( from Ink and Dog Noel 4) and some snowflakes... yes I know they are flowers, but I couldn't find my snowflake punch lol

I bought some Lindt chocolate balls, attached 2 together with double sided tape, added a scarf and some stickle eyes.nose,buttons. Then i made a hat just from 2 circles of card and a strip of card. painted that black and then added some of the puff paint ... The hats must go in the microwave before being attached to the snowman... otherwise your snowman will be no more..

The final step is to add the Lindt chocolate reindeer inside. 

I am so pleased with them, we are having a family meal for Christmas, so I made a whole village of reindeer sheds, one for each place at the table. 

what kind of decorations have you made for your Christmas table?

Darcy x


  1. Fantastic box houses love them :) Anita

  2. Lovely Darcy - fab puffy snow stuff too! I'm going to MILs for my Xmas dinner so no table decs to make for me! Claire x

  3. Oh these are so cute. Love your puff paint and the tips about the snowman's hat. Go on, admit it, did you micro-death a snowman?? What a lovely idea for place cards. Yummy as well. Hugz

  4. They look awesome Darcy! Thanks for the tutorial, the recipe and the tips. Your dinner table is going to look fabulous, hope we get a picture so can see them in situ:-) xxx

  5. Now isn't that just too cute!

  6. Brilliant Darcy! Love how you found a recipe for the puffy paint! I'm afraid I'm rather boring and just stick to crackers and festive napkins, but who knows I may be tempted to do reindeer stables! Sue C x

  7. They're brilliant, you clever lady!
    Merry Christmas xxx

  8. Saw these on Twitter, they are so adorable! Did they go down well on Christmas day?

    Lucy x