Friday 27 February 2015

Me and You Journal

A couple of years ago I did a circle journal with a group of girls, we remained friends afterwards and have decided to do another collaborative project.HERE are all the pages I made last time and here we are all together. 

 We had a couple scares last time with journals being held up in the mail, and decided this time we would keep our journals and just create pages based on each other.
This is how it works. .once a month we get together on G+ where we have a video chat/catchup. I have prepared 100 questions, some serious, some silly. During our online chat i ask one of the girls 10 questions and everybody else makes notes based on their answers. Then we go off and make our journal pages.
Each one of us will take something different from the notes, different things will resonate with different members, so while all the pages will be about one person they will all be different.
Our first month was Feb, and it was Lynn’s turn to be interviewed.

Some answers were short and sweet, others were longer and led onto other topics. it was great to find out more about Lynn.

So based on her answers this is the page that I made.
We found out that Lynn’s wedding colours were purple and gold. This was my starting point for this chequerboard background.

I then added crackle glaze  and then Snowflake which was rubbed back to distress it.

Next I added text and circles from ESN 15

Lynn had said that she loved Monet paintings, so I found one that I thought would tie in, and added my (loose) version. This is a painting of the houses of Parliament. I sketched the outline very quickly.

Then I added colour to the buildings and to the sky/water on the left of the page. I faded out the colour as it went across the page so the right side still has the original background intact.

This completed the background, now to add my focal image. I had 2 choices based on Lynn’s answers, Henry 8th and Madonna. Well I didn’t fancy drawing Madonna but did google for her album artwork, nothing caught my eye till I saw the cover photo from a tour guide from 1993. It was black/gold/purple diamonds, and I knew I could work that into my page. So the main image was to be Henry. I searched for a ref photo and loosely sketched him onto the right side page. I used Snowflake to white out the area so that it could be painted. Then I added the diamonds around him.. taking them slightly into the Monet area and still leaving some of the original background on the right.

I added purple to the yellow diamonds and then painted in Henry’s face, hat and part of his tunic.

This is how the page looked now. I had other things to choose from that could be added, a chicken, a clown, a unicorn, song lyrics to name a few..

I decided to add them all would be too much so I just added the lyrics..

Here is the final page. I really like it. Feels good to be doing this kind of journal page again, I have missed it.


Hope you like it. Next months page will be based on the answers from a different member of the group.
Darcy x


  1. Sounds a great idea to do a "round robin journal" like this, and cheaper than keep posting journals too!! Love your page - Henry looks very Henry-like! Great quote too.

  2. Fantastic idea Darcy, your drawing of Henry V111 is beautiful. The questions you asked were well thought out and helped with your research to get you to this place. Love your pages.

    Something more to look forward to reading, TY for a fab read:-) xxx

  3. I love it too Darcy! Your Monet with H of P would have sufficed for me, brave to carry on but your finished page is superb! Clever Darcy! Xx

  4. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! You are mega talented. This is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!! Way cool project to be doing with friends!!!

  5. Love the face, Darcy and love the idea of the project too! Frescos are indeed fabulous for painting faces, i think! xxx

  6. Wow, amazing page, loved seeing all the layers. What a great way to do a circle journal.

  7. Obviously this is stunning! Absolutely gorgeous! Love this project. Will write up my blog post now so I can share my very different page! You really are a clever clogs for coming up with the journal idea for us ... Now we just need to get the others working! C xxxx

  8. Don't know why I didn't see this last is fabulous! Great idea for a journal experience too :D XXX