Monday, 23 February 2015

Snowy Days Journal Page

hi, this is a journal page that I started a while back..and then got busy… and have now finished. it was created on a really cold, snowy day at a local crop. I didn’t take step out photos but i can talk you through it.
I used the winter Limited Edition paints from last year.
Step 1. Scrape a little of Turquoise, Marlin,Hint of Mint and Evergreen over the page. leaving some white gaps.
Step 2. Add background stamping of a cracked image using cornflower blue and  small numbers from Mini 23 using black archival.

Step 3. Add strips of washi tape in similar colours to the paint.
Step 4. Stencil some random letters using Slate.

Step 5. Add lines around the outer edges with ESN 10

Step 6. I then stamped the snowflake image from EDY 04 again using cornflower blue.
Step 7. Cover the whole page with a light layer of Metallic Glaze. This adds a gorgeous wintery shimmer all over.
Step 8. More snowflakes from EDY 04 , this time using Snowflake paint, then some stencilled spots also in Snowflake 

Step 9. The final step in the background was to mix some Grunge Paste with Snowflake and use that with a snowflake stencil. Once this was dry I added some glitter gel.

Now to create some wintery flowers.
I took a piece of regular smoothy and added some book text, music paper and scraps of patterned paper. Although this gets covered up it does give a great starting point and it adds texture.
Over the ephemera I blended Turquoise Cherry Red Marlin Evergreen and Plum. Over this I added some script stamps, and stencilled some Snowflake through a circle stencil and some star sequin waste.
This gave me a great piece of patterned card. I then stamped lots of the petals from EEV 09 plus the circle centres. These were all cut out and arranged on the page.

Again once these were dry I added a light brushing of glitter gel. It is very subtle but at the right angle it does sparkle.

So this is how it looked when I got home from the crop, and I loved it.. but it needed something more.. a title.

I took more regular smoothy and scraped on some Cherry Red Turquoise and Plum.

Then using a credit card I added lines of Marlin and some circles using a lid and Snowflake, I then added small circles using Slate.

I used the alphabet from Jofy 21 to stamp out my title, this was all cut out.

I decided where I wanted my words to go and then stamped then again onto the page. I did this because the letters have scribbly bits on the edges, these get cut off when cutting them out. So by stamping them onto the page and then glueing in the painted letters I still get the scribbly bits showing.

I am not too sure about the title, i think it blends in too much?

maybe it needs some shading?


The photos have bleached the colour a lot, in reality the Turquoise is very prominent.

Darcy x


  1. Great page, Darcy. Love the colour and sparkle

  2. Love your Wintry flowers and the shimmer from the metallic glaze as it catches the light x

  3. Fabulous pages Darcy, great colours and shimmer. Always love seeing your snowflakes, they cheer me up:-) xxx

  4. Lots of interest on these pages Darcy, they're great.

  5. Love the giant flower heads and the colours are fabulous:).

  6. Darcy,
    This is beautiful, I love all the layers and the flowers are amazing.

  7. Beautiful Darcy! Sue C x

  8. Amazing pages once again!!!! Thanks for sharing Darcy, I love your fabulous creativity... I adore what you have done here! Coco x

  9. Beautiful!!! Yes, shading on the title would look good!!