Wednesday 11 March 2015

New Stamps. Calendar Face.

Hi there, here is another sample that I made for Leandra using the new Hot Picks Calendar stamps. After searching google for inspiration I kept finding lots of faces that were filled with text. I wanted to see if I could use the stamps to do this...  A lot of hte ones I saw online were computer generated, or at least manipulated in Photoshop. of course this makes it easy to bend, warp and manipulate the letters/words.. 

With stamps it could be a little more tricky, yes they will bend, but only so much.. and of course all the letters on the stamps are the same size, so I would have to mix and match stamps to create the finer details. 

This was my practice piece, just on printer paper.. 

I then took a piece of heavy smoothy, and using the 'TIME' stamp, I created the first curved line. 

This gave me a starting point, and I was able to build up the face from here. Using different stamps, some number, smaller fonts, different directions and curving the stamps means I can achieve an interesting pattern. 

I carried on building up the face, crossing the lines to add movement. 

Some stamps were curved on an acrylic block, while other stamps were easier to manipulate just by holding them. 

I used the tiny font from HPXT06 to add definition to the lines created by the bigger stamps. 

Finally the face was done. I knew Iwanted to keep the face unpainted, but the background needed something more. 

So I used the large numbers from HPXT06 to stamp the background. 

I then added a wash of Southern Skies just over the background, and a little watery Bougainvillea just to the lips. 

I love this graphic look, it's pretty cool. 

Why don't you have a go at creating something with just text.. using very limited colours. 

Darcy x