Saturday 7 March 2015

New Stamps. Flower Basket.

hi everyone, back again with another launch sample. With designing so many flowers.. even weird looking ones.. there really was only one thing to make. A flower Basket!.. 

but how to make a basket?

I started by colouring some regular smoothy with Chocolate Pudding, then 2 washes of Brown Shed, then a wash of Pumpkin soup and just a faint wash of Hyde Park This gave me some lovely variations across the card. 

I then used the border from EDY13 and stamped it lots and lots of times. 

I coloured them using Fibralo pens. 

and then used the strips to weave the basket, these strips were glued to black card. 

I then used the border from EDY14, to create strips for the top and bottom of the basket, and also for the handle. 

I attached the front woven part to a slightly smaller piece of card, this caused the front to bow out slightly and become rounded. 

You can see I now have a slim gap that can be filled. 

The first thing I did was stuff the gap with green tissue paper. 

but positioned it so there was still a gap. 

that was the basket finished, now to make flowers.. all these were made on heavy smoothy card. 

For this one I painted the card first, added some lines in a contrasting colour, and once dry I stamped the flower over the top. 

This was then cut out.. 

Again for the grasses I painted the card first and then stamped on top. 

Onto more painted card I stamped lots of leaves from all the sets, these were cut out. Two leaves were glued back to back with a strip of wire between them. The wire was wrapped in tissue paper. 

This flower was created in layers, One stamped onto plain card, the edge washed with Pumpkin soup, the next layer was stamped onto card already painted with Autumn Fire. 

The stamped image of this flower has twiddly bits, these were recreated with thin wire taped onto the bottom layer. 

Here are the layers together. the spots were coloured with liquid pearls. 

I carried on making flowers with all the stamps in lots of colour combinations. 

Mostly I made 3 flowers in each design.

Everything was cut out ready. Where I could I added a little length to the stems. 

Here they all are ready for arranging. 

then it was just a case of slotting them in, and gluing into place. 

I added a few loose leaves to the front of the basket and some tucked into the tissue paper. 

the wired leaves are all on the outside and can be bent in different directions. 

I love how full and bright it is.. and unlike most flowers this will last forever. 

There were a few gaps at the front, so I made some more of the small orange flowers to fill in.. 

Hope you liked that, I would love to see you making flower arrangements with my weird alien flowers. Remember all these stamps are available now from your favourite PaperArtsy retailer. 

Darcy x


  1. Love, love, love this! The basket is amazing and the Flores and leaves such great vibrant colors x

  2. Love this flower basket, an explosion of colour! Every detail is catered for on this project, really well done:).

  3. Great to see the steps you took to make this fabulous piece, Darcy, it looks even better second time around!

  4. This is amazing, Darcy! I love how you made the basket, you are so patient. Did you plan to make baskets when you designed the stamps? Bet this looked lovely on display,

    Lucy x

  5. how you made the basket!

  6. Wow This is soooo gorgeous Darcy! New stamps very pretty and beautiful colours, Basket is fab, This project is just wonderful! xxx

  7. Stunning!!! Paper weaving at a whole new level! Love the flowers.

  8. WOW! This is a basket full of love.

  9. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! You are truly the most amazing creator I know...and that is saying a lot!!! You is beyond AWESOME :D XXX