Tuesday 2 June 2015

Calendar Challenge - June

Hi everyone, apologies for being late but as I type this I am full of cold. seriously so much ugh coming out of my nose.. Ok TMI. Fingers crossed the worst is over, though now it has moved into my chest and I am coughing and barking, doing a mean impression of a sealion.

So back to business.. 
Here are the rules for this month.. 

Here are the rules for June.
1.. Keep a part of the original picture and incorporate that into your design
2, Technique - Create glue or paint skins and add them to your page
3. Add – a receipt or ticket stub
4. Blog your calendar page and link up from June 1st 2015

This is how my calendar page started, as always I added a thin coat of gel medium. 

I then used a white pen to select areas, drawing rough circles. 

Next I filled in the rest of the page using white gesso. 

I filled a tiny squeezy bottle with Grunge paste, and used this to pipe rings around all the circles.

Once dry I started to add colour. 

I swirled paint around each cirle, layering up the colours.. Ending with a black pen .. 

Next i punched circles from old tickets.

And added them to the centres of the larger circles. 

I painted the bottom date part using the same colours, adding circles of paint to echo the top half. 

I stamped the month and days onto brayered card, this was layered onto black card. 

The numbers were just written in black posca pen. 

So, original bits kept, tickets used.. The next rule is to use paint skins. Here arge some of mine.. 

I took some of the pieces and punched circles from the dried paint.. Then i added white details with a posca pen. 

These paint circles were glued to both halves. And here it is finished. 

I think my favourite part is the raised/ piped grunge paste.. 

All very abstract this month.. 


So the rules for next month.. 

Here are the rules for July
1.. Keep a part of the original picture and incorporate that into your design
2, Technique - Use the bumped method of stencilling. 
3. Add – your face, a photo or drawing.. If you really cant bear to use your own face then cut one from a magazine... But no face stamps!
4. Blog your calendar page and link up from July 1st 2015


  1. Great calendar photo and the mix of colours are ace!:). Brillo idea with the grunge paste in the bottle! Hope your cold goes quickly Darcy...get well soon! B X.

  2. Talk about thinking outside the box...it wouldn't occur to me that I didn't need to use actual image(s) from the original! Bravo on you, Darcy! Very effective! xo

  3. P.S. Feel better soon...poor you. It sucks to be sick! More hugs for healing...

  4. Love that you made big dots from a painting that looks like it is made up from teeny tiny dots :D Hope your feeling better soon XXX

  5. I see that you REAL painters had big pieces of paint peel to use and cut up...I just had small paintbrush blobs...obviously, I don't paint and have a palette to peel from, only one I made purposely! My peels were very small because I dabbed and let them dry! Learning.... :)

  6. Love your painting darcy. Hope you are feeling better soon!!

  7. Fabulous Darcy ! Love the piped circles ! Sue C x

  8. Fabulous... Love it. I'm so behind on this challenge. Hopefully can get caught up soon.

  9. Love what you did. I thought I was the only one saving paint skins (didn't know it had a name).

  10. sorry that you are not tip top, {xo} feel better soon if not sooner. love all the circles and happiness


  11. Very psychedelic! It looks great. I hope you're beginning to feel better.