Tuesday 15 September 2015

Use It Up...

I have been trying to use up some old craft paints. As you know I do a lot of work for PaperArtsy, and their Fresco Finish Chalk paints are truly wonderful. Trust me I simply wouldn't use them if I didn't like them. Since switching to their paints my old ones have just sat in baskets not being used at all, the quality, coverage and colour choice just isn't there. 

However, I hate to waste. So every now and then I try and use up some of the old craft paint. I am doing ok. I had around 50 bottles and now i am down to 10. I have also been using up some paints that I made myself a few years back... 

Last week, I cut off some large A3 pieces of brown parcel paper, and started sloshing paint around. no need to be careful, this stuff needs using up. I painted and stencilled...I added collage images and words, more paint, more stencilling, some stamping, some strips and splats...

Another 8 empty bottles went in the bin, and I cut down the papers to about A5 size and ended up with a 4inch stack. 

I put some aside to use in an upcoming class project, and set about die cutting the others. i did birds and flowers and leaves and circles and hearts and in the process I busted one of my cutting plates. 

Granted this thing is as old as the hills and has been cracked for probably 2 years, but it has finally bit the dust. 

but I did get a huge pile of die cuts..

I love to keep a folder of these ready to make quick cards when needed... well sort of quick, I don't actually make anything quick lol

but I did make these 12, i will send a set of 6 to a friend and keep the other 6 for birthdays.. now i just have to remember to actually send them.. 

Notice the 2 black butterflies? they are Graphite texture paste( by Prima) pushed into a silicone mold and left overnight. The white ones are Golden Regular Gel. 

The Graphite ones come out all sparkly and are pretty left as they are. 

I coloured the white ones using Treasure Gold. 

The coloured backgrounds are Brusho. You will see I used one of my new Christmas stamps 'With love' it is my own handwriting and so useful. 

Darcy x


  1. great way to use up old paint!

  2. Brilliant use of old paints and such a lovely set of birthday cards x

  3. Brilliant use of old paints and such a lovely set of birthday cards x

  4. Fabulous cards, inspirational blog post!

  5. Fabulous cards, inspirational blog post!

  6. Fabulous inspirational post - so many ideas, so many cool results!
    Alison xx

  7. Great way to use up paint and great backrounds.

  8. Brilliant, Darcy! I love processing my excess stuff down to something usable. Gorgeous results too. You rock!

  9. I have a whole lot of old paint that I should be using up also!!! Your cards are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Now if it had been me I'd have also cranked up the sewing machine and added a wee bit of stitch!

  11. Fabulous Darcy! Great way to use up your old paint. Sue C x