Thursday 8 October 2015

Scotland Weekend

Wow what a fabulous weekend I have just had, make a cuppa and let me tell you all about it. I set off on Friday morning in very foggy weather, it was damp and chilly as I sat at the train station. 

The train was busy, but it was a comfy enough trip and I managed to watch a couple of videos. A quick change onto another train and then I arrived in Edinburgh. James met me and we walked the 10 mins to the shop. 

If you are ever in Edinburgh you absolutely must visit Stamper's Grove. It is a tiny shop, but oh wow! it is crammed, and I do mean crammed from floor to ceiling and then some. 

James and Emma are two of the nicest people you could ever meet, and made me feel really welcome. 

Emma and I prepped the last bits of the workshops and then off back to their home, where I got to meet the rest of the family. 

We were up early on Saturday morning and off to the shop, there we set out some samples and got ready for a morning of demoing. Lots of lovely people popped by including Pam Thorburn , it was really lovely to meet her and chat. We played with lots of things, stamps, stencils, grunge paste, treasure gold and the brand new Frosting Glaze. 

A super quick lunch and then we got set up for the first of the make and take sessions. This is what we were making.. 

Everyone worked hard and got just about everything finished. 

As you can see the hard work was helped along by cake.. 

On Saturday night we relaxed and chatted around the kitchen table while I posed for my portrait. I think you will agree Iris (age 6)  did a great job. 

Sunday saw us up early again and off to a local hall to set up for the all day workshop. The venue was lovely, a really good atmosphere and plenty of space. Comfy chairs too!

This is the project for the day, a large modern technique sampler. 

14 lovely ladies turned up and threw themselves into this pretty intense class. 

They worked really hard, so proud of them, as most people completed a huge hunk of work that day and hopefully learned some useful techniques. 

Of course there were a couple of trouble makers haha, my dear friends Lynn.. 

...and Catherine

It was a treat to finally meet Sarah, you can often find her doing live crafting shows over on her Ustream channel. HERE

To say we were exhausted after the workshop is an understatement, it really was a full-on day. It was a case of clear up  and collapse for us all. 

I was hoping that everyone got something good out of the day, I think at the very least they will all have got a good night's sleep lol

On Monday morning I packed up all my samples etc and dropped them off at the shop, then Emma and I went to the Edinburgh Dungeons. I had no idea what to expect, but if you are ever in the city you MUST go and see it. We laughed so much all the way around, and jumped over and over. 

this photo of course is posed, and was taken as we first entered. 

At the end is a drop ride, it takes you up 3 storeys high and drops you down in just ONE second... needless to say this photo is not posed lol  I don't think I have ever bought ride photos before, but this made me laugh so much I had to buy it. 

I do like fridge magnets, and couldn't resist this ratty souvenir.

All too soon it was time for my train, I found this outside the station.. 

Emma had packed up some food for me, so I had a little picnic on the way home. 

Huge, huge thanks to James and Emma, firstly for inviting me to their shop and home and secondly for looking after me so well. More thanks to all the ladies that came along to play at the demo, the make n takes and the workshop. It was a real pleasure to meet all of you.

Catherine has almost completed her technique sampler, you can see and read about it HERE. 

EDIT. Catherine has now finished, you can see more pics here 

Lynn has finished her sampler, she did a great job, love that ornate spoon.. 

Sarah is well on the way to finishing her sampler, you can see a short video showing how far she's got here.. 

Edit. Sarah finished her sampler, pop over and see it HERE. 

If anybody else sends in photos I will update them here. if you came to the all day workshop and you are stuck or need help finishing then drop me an email. 

Darcy x


  1. have never been to Edinburgh, but the shop looks fabulous,and so do all the things you taught the ladies! hope you've had a good rest since you got home!

  2. What lovely group of people! So glad you enjoyed your trip as much as they did :D XXX

  3. Had a lot of fun at the workshop!

  4. Looks a fab weekend, love the workshop sampler, so full of ideas. Have only met James and Emma - we had the stand opposite them at the final Edinburgh Artstamps event several years back. They are lovely people and great ambassadors for my home city x

  5. What a wonderful weekend it looks!! Love the dungeon photo!!!! Cracked us all up here at PAHQ ! Xx

  6. Oh! you had a great weekend and your pics looks lots of fun. Fab your scream at the Edinburgh Dungeons!!! Lynn's wonderful project was very inspired. xx

  7. oh wow that looks like totally fun time !

  8. I have got to visit Edinburgh one day! The display of your projects looks wonderful & your class projects are fab, I love the sampler. So glad you had fun.