Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Recycled Bags

ooo It is Christmas Eve eve.. Today is food shopping and baking day, though I have scaled back on my plans due to a cough and a cold hijacking me.. 

I needed a couple of gift bags, for the journals and jars in the previous post. As I am on a budget this year I couldn't just go out and buy some, so decided to make them.. However the jar and journal are heavy, and nothing I had was strong enough. 

So I rooted around in a drawer and came across some PaperArtsy shopping bags. These are the bags used at shows, so if you have bought from us at a show before then you will have these bags too. they are really strong. 

of course I couldn't use them with the name on the front, so I scraped on some Freso paint. .. and then stamped some snowflakes. 

Next I stamped the sentiment and the tress from EDY 16

The trees were painted and then I added the reinder using WOW embossing powder. 

Then I just kinda went mad with glittery embossing powder and stickles... these things really SHINE. I am sat in my pjs, which will sparkle for a year at least.. 

Hope you are having a great day, what last minute bits are you doing?

Darcy x


  1. Festive bags, Darcy - love those colors and all the stamping. Hope you have a great Christmas, and feel better soon!! xx Lynn

  2. I bought my bags this year due to time constraints but yours are so much better! I had good intentions of getting lots done today but after food shopping, I was exhausted and in bed by 6pm - tomorrow will now be a long long day !

  3. Brilliant! Love the white on the trees! I am finally relaxing!

    Lucy x

  4. Just brilliant, Darcy! Wishing you and yours a peaceful and joyous festive season!
    Alison xx