Friday, 19 February 2016

No Walking For These Boots!

In wee hours of Sat 6th, I received a message from friends. they were due to go to a workshop at Art From The Heart in Harrogate, unfortunately one of them wasn't feeling well at all and had to pull out. they wanted to know, could I fill the place. At the time I was travelling back from a 5hour music gig. 

I hadn't seen these friends in ages so I said yes... and then it occurred to me I had no idea what the class was or who was teaching! It turned out the teacher for the day was the gorgeous Karen Hayselden. 

After frantically getting home, searching for and sorting travel arrangements and packing a pack, I didn't get much sleep, before having to be up and off to the shop. My lovely friend Marie was already there, so we had a quick catch up and the Catherine arrived... so ,so good to see them both. Bonus was that Jayne was on her way too.. 

Later we also met up with Chris and Linda, amazing who you bump into, so nice to catch up with people that we usually only see online. 

Here is everyone hard at work. 

During the day we practised blending techniques, tried out lots of different paints, and generally got all painty and messy. 

This was our first project, the birdhouse was finished during the class.. 

I added the stamped text once I got home. 

Originally the house had a loop of cord at the top, I cut this off and added the twist of wire and the heart instead. 

This is a Stampotique girlie, stamped onto plain card, also onto book page and also onto painted card, then all the bits assembled. 

The 2nd project of the day was to make this single boot on a stick. Karen showed us her tips and trips for forming the shape. Mine took a couple of days to dry out properly. 

Using my new frilly flowers, I created this layerd flower. I used the large one twice and the small one once. Between the 2 larger flowers I glued a metal clip. it is completely hidden by the flowers. 

Once the boot was dry I could paint it and the stick. 

Love it, You can see the  larger flowers sit either side of the stick. 

The flowers are stamped onto card that I had painted and blnded while in the class. 

The clip inside is perfet to hold this photo of me and my lovely friends from the day. 

and here are both projects together, what a fab reminder of a great day.. 

Darcy x


  1. So cute, Darcy - and lovely that you were able to make it (though I don't know where you found the energy!) x

  2. Wonderful projects & very cute too. Glad you had such a lovely day.

  3. As always, fantastic projects Darcy

  4. A fabulous day we had. So good to see you and a brilliant class from Karen too. Need to sort out my boot and finish it off.
    C xxxx

  5. A fabulous day we had. So good to see you and a brilliant class from Karen too. Need to sort out my boot and finish it off.
    C xxxx

  6. what a great day - and all the better for being unexpected. Love the birdhouse and the boot is just gorgeous!!

  7. They make an awesome pair of the style of both :D XXX

  8. It looks very fun class and so lovely creations, love the boots. xx