Tuesday 23 February 2016

Stencil It..

This evening I wanted to show a card made mostly with just stencils. I began by scraping Smurf and Moonlight Fresco paint over the card. This is textured card, so the paint doesn't hit all of the surface, I like this as it allows the colour of the card to show through. 

Next I used my torn paper edge stencil PS031 to create the line of the landscape. I did the darker green area first in Tinned Peas and then angled the stencil and added the area at the back in Sage. 

Next I used the grass edge stencil, PS029 and Hyde park and Guacamole to create the grass in the foreground. 

Now for the clouds, I used the random edge stencil PS030 and China, then some snowflake on top. These worked out so well. I also used Cherry Red to stencil the berries , they are done with the hanging bead stencil from PS031. Once dry I outlined them with black pen. 

The only stamping here are the flying birds from EDY10, using Watering Can Archival ink. 

I then added white highlights to the berries. I blended Cornflower and Hydrangea and Black to the edges of the card, this really makes the images pop. 

Now for the focal image, I stencilled the large butterfly from PSO29 using Eggplant, Cherry Red and Tango, with highlights of white posca pen. 

I then decided the berries needed more colour, to differentiate them from the butterfly,  so I added Tango dots, and then went over them with white liquid pearls. 

The stems on the berries still didn't have enough contrast so I added yellowy orange to them using a Derwent Graphik pen. 

I am really pleased with this one, I love how the scene all came together with mostly just stencils. 

Darcy x


  1. love your stencils, Darcy - what a great project!

  2. Thanks so much Helen, I am loving them too. They are proving way more useful than even I thought. amazing to be able to do a whole card using mostly stencils and one stamp lol

  3. Fab project Darcy, your stencils are very useful and i love how you got so much depth into your berries and stems. I can imagine embossing the berries and stems to give them even more pop:-) x

  4. Love this Darcy, and love your stencils. The edges you added is a genius idea as I can see myself using them in so many ways. Hugs Debs xx

  5. fabulous card.....who would have thought you could make a catfish using just stencils and it turns out this good!

  6. What a pretty image, so simply created, yet beautiful all the same :D xXX

  7. Love it Darcy...the berries look so juicy and stand out wonderfully from the equally fab background! I have to have a play with your stencils...bought them especially for the edgings! Xx

  8. Hi Darcy.
    A fantastic manner of creating a great card by playing only with stencils indeed!!!
    Just love it!
    Hugs Coco xx