Sunday 6 March 2016

Big Hair

Well I had to... 

Meet Kala, my latest big haired girl. This time I wanted a different look, so I have tried a much darker skin tone. I started as always with a pencil sketch on heavy smoothy. 

I began with regular skin tones, and didn't get very far before I knew I just didn't want to do the same old regular pink tones. 

So I darkened my pallette, and introduced Brown Shed, Chocolate Pudding, Toffee, Nougat, Caramel, Green Olives..  plus a quick wash in the hair. 

Next I started adding colours to the hair, starting with black, I also adding Chocolate, and French Roast. 

The eyes are done with Chocolate Pudding, Caramel, Green Olives, Toffee, Nougat, Black. 
I also mixed some tar gel with French Roast and drizzled this over the hair, this turned out to be such a fantastic texture for the hair. 

Now for the background I applied Grunge Paste through my new stencil PS031. 

After adding some Treasure Gold over the dried tar gel, the hair looks so good. Using the centre of my new frilly flower I created a bindi.

More Grunge Paste down the sides, using the circle border from PS031. 

Now for some punchy background colours. I started with Captain Peacock. 

I also painted some card with Chartreuse and Green Olives, on this I stamped the leaves from EDY19, cut them out and added them to the base of the hair bun. 

more shading to the background, the outer area had some Caribbean Sea and Inky Pool added to it. The diamond shape is Eggplant, Bougainvillea and Cherry Red. 

Some Treasure Gold over all the grunge paste stencilled bits. 

I stamped the Popy flower from EDY19 onto purple card, cut out the petals and created this tiara. 

On Bougainvillea painted card I stamped the spikey flower from EDY18, layering the petals to creat a double  half flower for the hair. 

Here are the pink flowers in place, the nose has been shaded and the mouth is painted in Claret and Eggplant . The little necklace is the tall spikey grass stamp from EDY18.

I stencilled the butterfly from PS029 onto card using  Lavender, Glss Blue, CAribbean Sea and Bougainvillea, this was cut out and the wings cut apart so that a bridge piece could be added. I stamped the tall spikey grasses and added those as a handle. 

Using the same stencil I created 2 small butterflies, adding the veins with a black pen. 

Here she is finished, it did seem a shame to cover her pretty face, but I really wanted to create a butterfly mask. 

Because I didn't want to cover her face completely, I only stuck the butterfly down on one side, leaving the other sticking up. 

I do love this face.. 

Hope you like her. 

Darcy x


  1. She is stunning Darcy, love how you have created so many accents for her from flowers and leaves.

    One of your best:-) xxx

  2. I do love her face too. Very pretty. I think the mask leaves plenty of face. Love the black tar stuff for her hair. I had to look that up to see what it was. Hadn't ever heard of it. So many craft stuff out there and me from and still living in a small town I'm sorta behind on a lot of the new craft stuff that comes out. Even though some have been out for a while. Thanks for sharing this awesome project. Love it

  3. Stunning detail Darcy, love her and her hair is so effective! Great piece! Xx

  4. Absolutely the step by step photos so we can see her develop. I have some of the tar gel but never thought to use it like this - very effective!

  5. The Tar Gel is a brilliant idea for her hair, such an authentic texture and I love the touches of Treasure Gold. She is fabulously exotic especially with that beautiful mask.

  6. Fabulous piece Darcy!! Lovely techniques and beautiful colours of the hair embellishments. xx

  7. Love the textures and the way you've made all the fabulous images. She's glorious!

  8. Wow! She's GORGEOUS Darcy. Such beautiful skin tones and her hair worked out brilliantly. Lx

  9. Finding the time at last to look at this in details and leaving you a comment Darcy.. cannot resist to tell you that this is so genious wow!!!!!! :D
    Coco xx

  10. Wonderful, the hair is superb,

    Lucy x