Friday, 11 March 2016

Journal Playground Week 3

This week in Journal Playground we are using up the book pages that we tore out of the book for week 2. I love these pages, they are so thick and fluffy. 

Along rhe spines I have added washi tape and stitching. 

And then I stitched them into sigantures using bakers twine. 

I then cut down a plastic wallet to make a cover, it looked weird with the book page showing through the clear cover so i added a kraft folder inside the cover.. making a kind of double cover.. 

The bakers twine that I used to stitch the signatures was threaded through the plastic cover, tied off and left hanging. Not sure what to do with it yet, maybe trim it off or add beads?

Here you can see the double cover... 

I added book pages with animals on them to the kraft part of the cover. 

Then I added gesso, and watered down paint, some stamping, flicks of white and some drips of FW acrylic inks. 

Finally I stencilled my title and highlighted it with a white posca pen. 

I  had decided to keep this journal just for animals, so as I had to pop into town I dropped this book into my bag in case I got chance to sit down with a coffee. I did all I needed to do and did indeed go for coffee.. I ordered a medium, but a large arrived at my table. A huge bucketful of coffee. Now I like coffee, though not as much as tea, and really a medium is about my limit.. but this thing was huuge.. so huge it had 2 handles!!!

I felt like everyone was watching me pick up this giant cup.. lol

So as I knew this was going to take a week to drink, I got out my new journal.. I only had graphite Stabilo and a water brush with me.. so that is what I used.. 

This paper is super thick and fluffy, which makes it very grabby with water, so I had to blend quick. once dry i added a bit more shading.. was still drinking coffee at this point.. 

They finally let me out even though i didn't drink up all my bucket 'o' hugeness. and I sloshed my way home.. 

I added a little blue to the eyes and some black.. 

I like the blue, but personally I think I ruined it with the black.. but hey ho nevermind.. 



  1. I think he's fabulous! Nice journal. x

  2. The journal and the lion are amazing! Personally I think you would be more likely to be chucked out of Costa for having lions in your handbag than taking up a seat too long, anyway Julie Ann and I hold the record for the longest time in a coffee shop! I think the bakers twine is fabby, and dangly beads would be good!

    Lucy x

  3. love this Darcy! Not surprised you couldn't finish that coffee, it's ginormous!

  4. What a Perfect combo, Costa and art! Lovely xxx