Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Journal Playground Week 4

I got a bit behind doing other projects, but I finally did the last week of the Journal Playground course. This week we made our journal pages from heavy watercolour paper. this doesn't means you have to only do watercolour art on them, as this is a heavy paper it will take many mediums. 

I made 3 signatures, each with a variety of sizes of pages, some tiny, some a bit bigger and then the full size ones. I like the way this looks. Doing pages like this does mean you have to plan out your art a little, as you can see 3 pages all at once, . 

This is not how Kylie did her pages, I just wanted some variety in mine. 

I then made my cover, this is done on a piece of canvas cloth. If you buy this from an art shop it is quite expensive, so I get mine from a DIY place. What I buy is actually a canvas dust sheet and it is a really nice weight rough canvas. 

This is the back of my canvas, this will become the inside of the cover. 

..and this is the front, and will be the outside of the cover. 

I added velcro strips to the ends, one will fold over the other. They are self adhesive velcro strips, but in the end I also stitched them in place as they wouldn't stay put. 

I then stitched the signatures into the cover.

 ..and voila! the book is ready for some art. 

I love this cover.. 

As this is a watercolour book I figured I should break out the watercolour paints and have a go. I have absolutely no clue about watercolour paints, but I am determined to fill this book with them. I have done lots with waterbased products such as neocolor II crayons and pencils, inks and dyes.. so you wouldn't think watercolour paints would be a stretch for me, but for some reason I have some kind of fear of the paints lol

The tiny silhouette stamp is a 'Wee Folk' stamp from Clarity. 

Watercolour actually terrifies me, it seems so unmanageable. But I am determined to get to grips with it. This one isn't horrendous for a first attempt but there is  long way to go lol ahh well art is an adventure right, always good to learn something new. 

This was a great little four week course, if you fancy making four different journals then check it out. Not only do you get friendly stp by step videos you also get step by step art from Kylie in her signature whimsy style. Click HERE 

Darcy x


  1. gorgeous work Darcy....I love your cover

  2. Love that journal and your beautiful tree! You're facing your fears like a trooper - the more you do, the more you learn what, how and why you do ... and voila'! ... the fears are gone! Go you!!

  3. I feel exactly the same way about watercolour paint - I can never get it to look right. That tree looks great!

  4. Thanks for another super post about my course, Journal Playgound. Xoxo

  5. I'm a bit fearful of watercolour paint too even though I love watercolour art. Love this journal.

  6. I absolutely love your canvas cover...thanks for the buying tip! Like the different sized pages! Well done for tackling the watercolours head on...don't know what you were worried about! Xx

  7. Great post. The journal turned out beautifully. Have fun with the watercolours😀